Hitachi patents granted on 16 March 2010

64 US patents granted on 16 March 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,681,224 Method and system for transmitting data of moving picture, and apparatus for delivering and receiving data of moving picture
2 7,681,217 Video system and video selection method thereof
3 7,681,159 System and method for detecting defects in a semiconductor during manufacturing thereof
4 7,681,154 Method for designing device, system for aiding to design device, and computer program product therefor
5 7,681,061 Disk array device and method of supplying power to disk array device
6 7,681,002 Storage controller and storage control method
7 7,681,001 Storage system
8 7,680,984 Storage system and control method for managing use of physical storage areas
9 7,680,983 Method of restoring data by CDP utilizing file system information
10 7,680,981 Virtual volume control method involving device stop
11 7,680,965 Data processing system having a channel adapter shared by multiple operating systems
12 7,680,953 Computer system, storage device, management server and communication control method
13 7,680,931 Data relaying apparatus
14 7,680,921 Management system, management computer, managed computer, management method and program
15 7,680,847 Method for rebalancing free disk space among network storages virtualized into a single file system view
16 7,680,813 Information management system
17 7,680,563 Pressure control device for low pressure processing chamber
18 7,680,486 Sensor network system
19 7,680,467 Distortion compensating amplifier
20 7,680,414 Passive optical network system and operating method thereof
21 7,680,367 Optoelectronic integrated circuit board and communications device using the same
22 7,680,365 Optical fiber sheet and its manufacturing method
23 7,680,305 Vein authentication device
24 7,680,228 Communication system, real-time control device, and information processing system
25 7,680,188 Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
26 7,680,095 Radio communication system and overhang station apparatus
27 7,680,025 Optical information recording medium, reproducing method thereof, and manufacturing method thereof
28 7,679,944 Motor drive
29 7,679,866 CPP spin valve with long spin diffusion length AP1 layers
30 7,679,863 Magnetic head slider with trailing rail surface for flying height control
31 7,679,862 Perpendicular recording head with reduced thermal protrusion
32 7,679,860 Thin film magnetic head with layer having high saturation magnetic flux density, and magnetic storage apparatus
33 7,679,859 Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with circuit board attachment device
34 7,679,694 Liquid crystal display device comprising a frame having through holes at a bottom portion and a frame-like mold having protrusions which insert into the through holes
35 7,679,691 Display device
36 7,679,598 Image display device
37 7,679,569 Antenna device and multi-band type wireless communication apparatus using same
38 7,679,440 Feedforward amplifier
39 7,679,439 Predistorter
40 7,679,232 Rotary electric machine
41 7,679,189 Display device and manufacturing method of the same
42 7,679,182 Power module and motor integrated control unit
43 7,679,176 Semiconductor device and electronic control unit using the same
44 7,679,089 Organic light emitting display
45 7,679,056 Metrology system of fine pattern for process control by charged particle beam
46 7,679,055 Pattern displacement measuring method and pattern measuring device
47 7,679,023 Switchgear
48 7,679,022 Vacuum insulated switchgear
49 7,678,996 High heat-resistance resin composition and high heat-resistance insulated cable which uses the same
50 7,678,706 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
51 7,678,576 Chemical analysis apparatus and chemical analysis cartridge
52 7,678,486 Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell containing the separator
53 7,678,054 Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnosing device
54 7,678,020 Vehicle control apparatus
55 7,677,752 Power tool equipped with light
56 7,677,477 Electro-magneto fuel injector
57 7,677,367 Electric brake
58 7,677,345 Moving robot
59 7,677,097 Heating resistor-type gas flowmeter
60 7,677,014 Method for packaging a photosensitive film roll, resin case therefor, method for recovering and reusing the case, and photosensitive film roll package and method for conveying the same
61 7,676,925 Lifting construction method and raising/lowering equipment of boiler module
62 7,676,905 Method of manufacturing a self aligned magnetoresistive sensor
63 7,676,904 Method of manufacturing high sensitivity spin valve designs with ion beam treatment
64 7,676,902 Manufacturing method of rotor core