Hitachi patents granted on 16 May 2006

75 US patents granted on 16 May 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,047,450 Storage system and a method for diagnosing failure of the storage system
2 7,047,438 Accommodation of media defect growth on a data storage medium through dynamic remapping
3 7,047,427 Disk subsystem
4 7,047,412 Digital watermark data embedding method, and digital watermark data embeddability analyzing method
5 7,047,407 Network system enabling transmission control
6 7,047,388 Control method for storage device controller system, and storage device controller system
7 7,047,376 Backup system and method and program
8 7,047,367 Information processing device and setting method for same
9 7,047,360 Method and apparatus for adjusting performance of logical volume copy destination
10 7,047,355 Updated data write method using journal log
11 7,047,354 Storage system
12 7,047,329 Storage subsystem and storage controller
13 7,047,290 Storage controller and computer system for managing information related to connection port
14 7,047,278 Storage area network system, storage, and data transfer amount monitoring apparatus
15 7,047,261 Method for file level remote copy of a storage device
16 7,047,256 Storage device system having bi-directional copy control function
17 7,047,255 Document information display system and method, and document search method
18 7,047,240 File backup method and storage apparatus, computer program therefor and computer-readable medium containing the same
19 7,047,238 Document retrieval method and document retrieval system
20 7,047,195 Speech translation device and computer readable medium
21 7,047,149 Optical measurement instrument and optical measurement method
22 7,047,121 Antiskid control system for four-wheel-drive vehicle
23 7,047,096 Remote maintenance method, industrial device, and semiconductor device
24 7,047,093 Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and its diagnosis apparatus and operating system
25 7,047,052 Cellular phone terminal
26 7,046,912 Reproducing apparatus and reproducing/recording apparatus memorizing identification information of optical information media and method thereof
27 7,046,801 Method of calculating multiplication by scalars on an elliptic curve and apparatus using same and recording medium
28 7,046,758 X-ray CT apparatus
29 7,046,745 Signal processing circuit
30 7,046,630 Packet switching network, packet switching equipment and network management equipment
31 7,046,624 Network apparatus and a method for communicating by using the network apparatus
32 7,046,616 Optical disk
33 7,046,595 Method of reproducing information with equalization coefficient for the reproduced information
34 7,046,593 Optical disk apparatus and method for adjusting tilt based on optical disk type
35 7,046,573 Semiconductor integrated circuit and IC card
36 7,046,513 Cooling structure for electronic devices
37 7,046,507 Information processing apparatus
38 7,046,483 Copper gimbal and gimbal damping for integrated lead suspension
39 7,046,481 Magnetic head having a laminated yoke layer with protected pole piece and disk drive containing the same
40 7,046,476 Method apparatus and system for accessing discontinuous media tracks
41 7,046,474 Data storage device and actuator control method
42 7,046,470 Data storage system
43 7,046,469 Hard disk drive
44 7,046,468 Semiconductor integrated circuit and magnetic storage device using the same
45 7,046,325 In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
46 7,046,324 In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
47 7,046,218 AC drive type plasma display panel having display electrodes on front and back plates, and image display apparatus using the same
48 7,046,155 Fault detection system
49 7,046,007 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer using split magnets
50 7,045,945 Cold cathode ray fluorescent tube and liquid crystal display device using the cold cathode fluorescent tube
51 7,045,944 Image display apparatus with ultraviolet ray shield resin film and process for its production
52 7,045,936 Projection coupler with contrast ribs
53 7,045,920 Interconnection assembly for an electric motor and method of making the same
54 7,045,864 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
55 7,045,854 Non-volatile semiconductor memory
56 7,045,853 Semiconductor memory element, semiconductor device and control method thereof
57 7,045,843 Semiconductor device using MEMS switch
58 7,045,816 Liquid crystal display apparatus
59 7,045,808 III-V nitride semiconductor substrate and its production lot, and III-V nitride semiconductor device and its production method
60 7,045,800 Electron beam drawing apparatus
61 7,045,782 Method of measurement accuracy improvement by control of pattern shrinkage
62 7,045,447 Semiconductor device producing method and semiconductor device producing apparatus including forming an oxide layer and changing the impedance or potential to form an oxynitride
63 7,045,175 Magnetic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
64 7,044,724 Screw compressor and method of manufacturing rotors thereof
65 7,044,607 Image display device
66 7,044,262 Power steering system
67 7,044,255 Electric generating system for automobiles and its control method
68 7,044,198 Electronic apparatus
69 7,044,090 Combustion type power tool facilitating cleaning to internal cleaning target
70 7,043,924 Turbine power plant, installation process and removal process of the turbine power plant
71 D520,838 Portable electric hammer drill
72 D520,837 Portable electric hammer
73 D520,832 Portable electric driver
74 D520,831 Portable electric circular saw
75 D520,830 Portable electric circular saw