Hitachi patents granted on 16 November 2010

61 US patents granted on 16 November 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,836,507 Contents transmitter apparatus, contents receiver apparatus and contents transmitting method
2 7,836,398 Report format setting method and apparatus, and defect review system
3 7,836,350 Method of managing paths for an externally-connected storage system and method of detecting a fault site
4 7,836,349 Storage control device and enclosure-unit power control method
5 7,836,333 Redundant configuration method of a storage system maintenance/management apparatus
6 7,836,332 Method and apparatus for managing virtual ports on storage systems
7 7,836,330 Stream distribution system and failure detection method
8 7,836,265 Storage system, management method, and management apparatus
9 7,836,251 Storage controller, and method operative to relocate logical storage devices based on times and locations specified in a relocating plan
10 7,836,249 Disk subsystem
11 7,836,233 Multi-processor system
12 7,836,157 File sharing system and file sharing system setting method
13 7,836,145 Computer system, management method, and management computer for managing data archiving storage extents based on server performance management information and storage utilization information
14 7,836,062 Performance monitoring method in a distributed processing system
15 7,836,023 System for managing access and storage of worm files without sending parameters for associated file access
16 7,835,812 Apparatus for assisting decisions for improvement of environmental load
17 7,835,766 Portable terminal device
18 7,835,764 Video conferencing system, conference terminal and image server
19 7,835,626 Reproducing device
20 7,835,617 Data recording apparatus and system having sustained high transfer rates
21 7,835,543 Object detection method
22 7,835,483 Steam separator, boiling water reactor and swirler assembly
23 7,835,395 Packet transfer device
24 7,835,355 Packet forwarding apparatus having gateway selecting function
25 7,835,258 Recording medium, information recording and reproducing method, and recording and reproducing apparatus
26 7,835,171 Semiconductor memory device
27 7,835,111 Magnetic write head with upper return pole optimization for reduced trailing shield protrusion
28 7,834,998 Cells for biochemical analysis, kit for biochemical analysis, and biochemical analyzer
29 7,834,997 Standard component for calibration and calibration method using it and electro beam system
30 7,834,992 Method and its apparatus for detecting defects
31 7,834,964 Transflective liquid crystal display device
32 7,834,959 Liquid crystal display device having a reflection layer constituted of an extension portion of a gate or drain signal line
33 7,834,950 Liquid crystal display device
34 7,834,912 Attention level measuring apparatus and an attention level measuring system
35 7,834,627 NMR measurement system and NMR image processing system for neural fiber bundles with volume of interest (VOI) optimization
36 7,834,544 Organic electroluminescent display device having a moisture-proof film
37 7,834,520 Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
38 7,834,498 Motor drive apparatus and its inspection method
39 7,834,440 Semiconductor device with stacked memory and processor LSIs
40 7,834,353 Method of manufacturing display device
41 7,834,326 Aberration corrector and charged particle beam apparatus using the same
42 7,834,317 Scanning electron microscope and system for inspecting semiconductor device
43 7,834,316 Method for adjusting imaging magnification and charged particle beam apparatus
44 7,833,841 Semiconductor apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
45 7,833,679 Fuel cartridge and direct methanol fuel cell device
46 7,833,640 Intermediate tri-layer structure for perpendicular recording media
47 7,833,606 Ceramic honeycomb structure and method for producing ceramic honeycomb structure
48 7,833,501 Method and apparatus for treating discharge gas
49 7,833,429 Plasma processing method
50 7,833,388 End point detection for direct ion milling to induce magnetic anisotropy in a magnetic layer
51 7,833,382 Vacuum processing apparatus
52 7,832,995 Variable displacement vane pump and method of manufacturing the same
53 7,832,934 Thrust bearing device
54 7,832,871 Optical equipment with at least first and second ventilation paths
55 7,832,674 Tape cartridge
56 7,832,610 Fastener driving tool having impact buffering mechanism
57 7,832,499 Electric tool with closable air ports
58 7,832,301 Rotation mechanism for construction machine and method of measuring backlash in the mechanism
59 7,832,099 Method of manufacturing a wiring material
60 D627,387 Video projector
61 D627,386 Video projector