Hitachi patents granted on 16 October 2007

41 US patents granted on 16 October 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,284,140 Disk array device and method of supplying power to disk array device
2 7,284,133 Information processing unit
3 7,284,103 Data copy method
4 7,284,086 Storage device controlling device and control method for storage device controlling device
5 7,284,073 Disk array apparatus and data relay method of the disk array apparatus
6 7,284,041 Method for accessing distributed file system
7 7,284,023 Database management method and apparatus for addressing to transaction completion from/in a stored program written in an interpreted language and an implementing program therefor
8 7,284,022 Database management methods and equipment and database management program storage media
9 7,284,020 System and method for data recovery in a storage system
10 7,284,014 Pre-fetch computer system
11 7,283,746 Optical virtual local area network
12 7,283,671 Communications terminal
13 7,283,570 Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
14 7,283,540 Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method therefor
15 7,283,439 Optical disk apparatus using mechanism for controlling spherical aberration
16 7,283,400 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
17 7,283,336 Method and apparatus for providing a current-in-plane (CIP) GMR sensor with an improved in-stack bias layer with a thinner sensor stack
18 7,283,333 Self-pinned double tunnel junction head
19 7,283,330 Method of manufacturing a suspension using coining
20 7,283,329 Head shock resistance and head load/unload protection for reducing disk errors and defects, and enhancing data integrity of disk drives
21 7,283,325 Apparatus and system for centering media disks on the hub of a spindle motor in a hard disk drive
22 7,283,194 Liquid crystal display
23 7,283,130 Display device
24 7,283,089 Radar system and car radar system
25 7,282,912 NMR measurement method and apparatus utilizing nyquist frequency changes
26 7,282,860 Plasma display panel with a dielectric layer having depressions between projections and forming ventilation paths
27 7,282,851 Display device
28 7,282,810 Power supplying apparatus for vehicle and intensive wiring apparatus
29 7,282,722 Charged particle beam apparatus and charged particle beam irradiation method
30 7,282,718 Inorganic scintillator and process for its fabrication
31 7,282,377 Method for identifying semiconductor integrated circuit device, method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device, semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor chip
32 7,282,376 System, method, and apparatus for electrically testing lead-to-lead shorting during magnetoresistive sensor fabrication
33 7,282,304 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
34 7,282,303 Non-aqueous secondary battery and portable equipment using the same
35 7,282,265 Composite material having high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion coefficient, and heat-dissipating substrate, and their production methods
36 7,282,161 Inorganic scintillator
37 7,281,533 Air-fuel ratio feedback control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine
38 7,281,506 Oil pressure control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
39 7,281,423 Characteristics adjusting apparatus of physical quantity sensing device and a thermal type air flow measuring instrument, and associated adjusting method
40 7,281,332 Portable cutting tool
41 7,281,316 Perpendicular pole structure and method of fabricating the same