Hitachi patents granted on 17 April 2012

77 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D657,875 Mobile x-ray apparatus
2 8,161,503 Objective lens actuator and an optical pickup
3 8,161,490 Storage apparatus and load distribution method
4 8,161,487 Controller for controlling a plurality of logical resources of a storage system
5 8,161,362 Task management control apparatus and method, having redundant processing comparison
6 8,161,317 Storage system and control method thereof
7 8,161,303 Storage apparatus with power usage control function and power usage control method in storage apparatus
8 8,161,262 Storage area dynamic assignment method
9 8,161,259 Computer system, storage system and method for saving storage area by integrating same data
10 8,161,257 Remote copy system
11 8,161,256 Remote copy system and path setting support method
12 8,161,239 Optimized computer system providing functions of a virtual storage system
13 8,161,235 Storage system and data erasing method
14 8,161,221 Storage system provided with function for detecting write completion
15 8,161,211 Storage system and data processing method for the same
16 8,161,133 Network storage system with a clustered configuration sharing a namespace, and control method therefor
17 8,161,051 Method and apparatus for data processing with index search
18 8,161,009 Remote copying system with consistency guaranteed between a pair
19 8,161,008 Information processing apparatus and operation method thereof
20 8,161,006 Database management method, database management apparatus, and database management program
21 8,160,854 Method of managing and displaying gene expression data
22 8,160,833 Thermal mass flow sensor with improved response across fluid types
23 8,160,781 Vehicular control system and control method
24 8,160,778 Steering system for engineering vehicle
25 8,160,773 Travel drive apparatus for a working vehicle
26 8,160,667 Biological light measuring apparatus and method
27 8,160,662 Slide device and electronic equipment
28 8,160,639 Communication terminal
29 8,160,594 Radio propagation estimating method and radio propagation estimating apparatus
30 8,160,589 Base station equipment
31 8,160,587 Radio access terminal, base station controller, and handoff control method in radio communication system
32 8,160,448 Communication system using passive optical network and passive optical network
33 8,160,447 Communication system using passive optical network and passive optical network
34 8,160,373 Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
35 8,160,352 Surface inspection method and surface inspection apparatus
36 8,160,315 Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and projection image generating method
37 8,160,146 Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
38 8,160,022 Wireless communication system, wireless base station, wireless terminal and communication control method of the wireless communication system
39 8,159,989 Relay network system and terminal adaptor apparatus
40 8,159,945 Sensor network system and data processing method for sensor network
41 8,159,923 Optical information recording apparatus, optical information recording method, optical information reproducing apparatus and optical information reproducing method
42 8,159,913 Optical disc recording apparatus and recording power control method
43 8,159,906 Address generating and detecting method and reproducing and recording apparatus
44 8,159,849 Downsized power inverter and housing for a larger heat release value
45 8,159,820 Electric power conversion system
46 8,159,791 Magnetoresistive sensor having quantum well structure and a trapping layer for preventing charge carrier migration
47 8,159,783 Substrate with intermediate layer for thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing the substrate with intermediate layer
48 8,159,778 Hard disk drive contamination control
49 8,159,776 Magnetic tape driving apparatus comprising a tape separation portion that separates a magnetic tape from a magnetoresistive head unit
50 8,159,773 Method and apparatus for forming servo patterns on a magnetic-recording disk
51 8,159,629 Liquid crystal display unit
52 8,159,622 Flat panel display
53 8,159,597 Focus control device and focus control method
54 8,159,537 Video surveillance equipment and video surveillance system
55 8,159,535 Communication system, communication terminal and information processing device
56 8,159,486 Level converter circuit and a liquid crystal display device employing the same
57 8,159,437 Liquid crystal display device with influences of offset voltages reduced
58 8,159,427 Image display
59 8,159,346 RFID system, RFID cable system, and RFID cable laying method
60 8,159,283 High frequency switch circuit comprising a transistor on the high frequency path
61 8,159,212 Magnetic encoder
62 8,159,184 Automotive power supply system
63 8,159,098 Motor control apparatus, power steering apparatus and brake control apparatus
64 8,158,981 Radiation-sensitive composition, method of forming silica-based coating film, silica-based coating film, apparatus and member having silica-based coating film and photosensitizing agent for insulating film
65 8,158,969 Organic light emitting display device
66 8,158,955 Charged particle beam application apparatus
67 8,158,938 Scanning electron microscope and a method for imaging a specimen using the same
68 8,158,911 Heating apparatus, substrate processing apparatus employing the same, method of manufacturing semiconductor devices, and extending member
69 8,158,284 Lithium ion secondary battery
70 8,158,209 Method and apparatus for coating resin
71 8,158,058 Automatic analyzer
72 8,158,048 Mold for fine pattern transfer and method for forming resin pattern using same
73 8,157,929 Magnetic shielding material, magnetic shielding component, and magnetic shielding room
74 8,157,276 Cylinder apparatus
75 8,157,065 Shock absorber
76 8,156,833 Linear actuator
77 8,156,651 Centrifugally cast external layer for rolling roll and method for manufacture thereof