Hitachi patents granted on 17 August 2010

53 US patents granted on 17 August 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,779,416 Load balance control method and load balance control apparatus in data-processing system
2 7,779,413 Method of assigning available resources for internal and external users at start time of scheduled time period based on program reservations information
3 7,779,392 Load balance control method and load balance control apparatus in data-processing system
4 7,779,297 Fail-over method, computer system, management server, and backup server setting method
5 7,779,256 Reproducing apparatus, recording apparatus and display apparatus
6 7,779,082 Address management device
7 7,778,807 Simulation model generator of causality phenomena and events
8 7,778,806 Method and apparatus for simulating microcomputer-based systems
9 7,778,796 Miter saw for displaying angle of cutter blade cutting workpiece
10 7,778,765 Fuel injection control apparatus for internal combustion engine
11 7,778,758 Cruise control system for a vehicle
12 7,778,694 Biological optical measurement instrument
13 7,778,669 Electronic device, data processing system, data processing method and recording medium
14 7,778,634 Radio service area quality information acquisition system
15 7,778,517 Information recording device, information reproduction device, information recording method, information reproduction method, information recording program, information reproduction program, and information recording medium
16 7,778,502 Optical transmission assembly
17 7,778,389 X-ray imaging system and method
18 7,778,294 Optical disk apparatus and information recording method
19 7,778,276 Mobile communication terminal, mobile communication method, and information recording medium
20 7,778,255 Frame transfer method and frame transfer device
21 7,778,243 Method for DTMF transfer by RTP
22 7,778,222 Wireless IP telephone system
23 7,778,113 Ultrasonic transducer and manufacturing method thereof
24 7,778,068 Semiconductor device
25 7,777,990 Magnetic disk unit and magnetic head slider
26 7,777,898 Workpiece machining apparatus
27 7,777,876 Inspection method and inspection device
28 7,777,844 Liquid crystal displaying device with color pixels and in-cell retarder
29 7,777,842 Transflective liquid crystal display device having a region having neither a light-shielding film nor a color filter between reflective sections of adjacent subpixels
30 7,777,818 Receiving apparatus and a method for setting a receiving antenna thereof
31 7,777,785 Image pickup device, picked-up image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium for performing a correction process on a picked-up image
32 7,777,433 Power converter
33 7,777,404 Field emission type electron gun comprising single fibrous carbon electron emitter and operating method for the same
34 7,777,389 Rotating electrical machine
35 7,777,372 Electric motor, electric tool having the motor, and electric motor production method
36 7,777,371 Linear drive apparatus having cores and coils which are positioned on opposite sides of the cores
37 7,777,335 Wiring structure having a wiring-terminal-connecting adhesive comprising silicone particles
38 7,777,331 Semiconductor apparatus comprising a semiconductor chip with a power supply circuit and a smoothing circuit disposed outside the semiconductor chip
39 7,777,312 Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same and a mounting structure of a semiconductor device
40 7,777,238 Chip-type light emitting device and wiring substrate for the same
41 7,777,230 Display device
42 7,777,194 Charged particle beam apparatus
43 7,777,183 Charge particle beam system, sample processing method, and semiconductor inspection system
44 7,776,654 Method of producing electronic apparatus
45 7,776,487 Pressure regulator for a fuel cell, fuel supply system for a fuel cell using the regulator, electronic equipment having the fuel supply system, and fuel cartridge for a fuel cell
46 7,776,438 Adhesive film for circuit connection, and circuit connection structure
47 7,776,388 Fabricating magnetic recording media on patterned seed layers
48 7,776,277 Polymerization method and polymerization apparatus
49 7,776,264 Automatic analyzer
50 7,776,141 Methods and apparatus for performing flue gas pollution control and/or energy recovery
51 7,775,463 Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
52 7,775,338 Control device and control method for vehicle
53 7,775,104 Thermal flowmeter in which relationship among length of heat resistor, heating temperature for the heat resistor, and power supplied to the heat resistor is prescribed