Hitachi patents granted on 17 January 2006

20 US patents granted on 17 January 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 6,988,176 Method and apparatus for data duplexing in storage unit system
2 6,988,151 Storage control device with a plurality of channel control sections
3 6,988,087 Service method of a rental storage and a rental storage system
4 6,987,984 High-frequency switch module
5 6,987,978 Wireless communication restriction device, repeater and base station
6 6,987,924 Recorder/reproducer
7 6,987,899 Optical switching apparatus and optical switching method
8 6,987,874 Method and apparatus for managing surface image of thin film device, and method and apparatus for manufacturing thin film device using the same
9 6,987,733 ATM communication apparatus and ATM cell forwarding control method
10 6,987,668 Liquid cooling system and personal computer using thereof
11 6,987,646 Method of making magnetic head having narrow pole tip and fine pitch coil
12 6,987,635 Magnetic disk drive which accesses host RAM
13 6,987,546 Projection type image display apparatus
14 6,987,265 Method and an apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam
15 6,987,069 Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
16 6,987,043 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having a plurality of trench-type data storage capacitors
17 6,986,555 Vehicle brake control system
18 6,986,502 Throttle body
19 6,986,256 Gas turbine having a cooling air system and a spray air system
20 6,986,195 Electronic component mounting apparatus