Hitachi patents granted on 17 January 2012

61 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE43,105 Tracking error detection method and optical disc reproduction apparatus using the same
2 D652,433 Portion of console for construction machine
3 D652,395 Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
4 8,099,715 Service-based software designing assistance method and apparatus thereof
5 8,099,622 Failover method of remotely-mirrored clustered file servers
6 8,099,604 Communication system, method for transferring information, and information-communication device
7 8,099,575 Virtual machine control program and virtual machine system
8 8,099,569 Storage system and data migration method
9 8,099,563 Storage device and access instruction sending method
10 8,099,551 Storage device controller with a plurality of I/O processors requesting data from a plurality of stripe units of a logical volume
11 8,099,547 Load sharing method and system for computer system
12 8,099,510 Relay device and program product, allowing continued communication via an alternative protocol
13 8,099,499 Storage and service provisioning for virtualized and geographically dispersed data centers
14 8,099,398 Method for managing a database system
15 8,099,379 Performance evaluating apparatus, performance evaluating method, and program
16 8,099,136 Portable terminal
17 8,099,097 Method for handover in wireless communication, mobile electronic device, and wireless communication handover system
18 8,098,987 Optical transmitting and receiving apparatus and method for analyzing abnormality or failure of the optical transmitting and receiving apparatus
19 8,098,921 Elastic image display method and elastic image display device
20 8,098,824 Storage apparatus and data management method
21 8,098,695 Multiplexed audio data decoding apparatus and receiver apparatus
22 8,098,678 PON system
23 8,098,654 Storage system, computer system and interface module
24 8,098,559 Information recording/reproducing apparatus, apparatus for manufacturing optical information recording medium, and optical information recording medium
25 8,098,548 Optical head and optical disk apparatus
26 8,098,463 Current perpendicular to plane magnetoresistance read head design using a current confinement structure proximal to an air bearing surface
27 8,098,459 Connecting a preamplifier to a printed circuit board assembly on a hard disk drive
28 8,098,458 Slider with shallow step pads and rear side pockets
29 8,098,454 Manufacturing method of hermetic connection terminal used in a disk drive device having hermetically sealed enclosure and disk drive device
30 8,098,450 Fly-height management in a hard disk drive (HDD)
31 8,098,448 Method for setting zone format of a disk for storing data and disk drive
32 8,098,419 Light control film and light control glass
33 8,098,356 Liquid crystal display device
34 8,098,218 Plasma display device and method of driving the same
35 8,098,133 Radio frequency identification tag
36 8,098,047 Battery apparatus for controlling plural batteries and control method of plural batteries
37 8,098,013 Plasma display panel and display device using the same
38 8,098,010 Organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method thereof
39 8,097,971 Wind turbine generator system
40 8,097,927 Highly sensitive photo-sensing element and photo-sensing device using the same
41 8,097,886 Organic electroluminescence device
42 8,097,848 Scanning electron microscope
43 8,097,829 Laser processing method and laser processing apparatus
44 8,097,545 Phase-separation-controlled polybutadiene resin composition and printed wiring board using the resin composition
45 8,097,386 Positive-type photosensitive resin composition, method for producing patterns, and electronic parts
46 8,097,363 Positive electrode material, its manufacturing method and lithium secondary battery
47 8,097,160 Flat membrane element and manufacturing method thereof
48 8,097,097 Stainless steel having a high hardness and excellent mirror-finished surface property, and method of producing the same
49 8,096,910 Travel assembly for dump truck
50 8,096,802 Nanoimprint stamper and a fine-structure transfer apparatus using the stamper
51 8,096,800 Fine-structure transfer apparatus and method
52 8,096,792 Scroll type fluid machine with a rotation preventing cylindrical member
53 8,096,709 Sliding bearing
54 8,096,693 Light guide plate and backlight unit
55 8,096,539 O-ring free cooling pallet for hard disk drive slider carriers
56 8,096,490 Fuel injection valve and fuel injection system for internal combustion engine with the same
57 8,096,382 Construction machine
58 8,096,269 Engine system
59 8,096,180 Inertial sensor
60 8,096,122 Electrically driven brake booster and master cylinder
61 8,096,021 Hinge apparatus and foldable electronic device