Hitachi patents granted on 17 July 2012

63 US patents granted on 17 July 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE43,522 Male and female connection structure
2 8,225,358 Content recommendation apparatus and method
3 8,225,244 Large scale integration device and large scale integration design method including both a normal system and diagnostic system
4 8,225,132 Storage system detecting physical storage device suffering failure, and method of performing processing for additional storage device provision
5 8,225,084 Content transmitting device, content receiving device and content transmitting method
6 8,225,066 Storage system and utilization management method for storage system
7 8,225,059 Remote copy system and remote copy control method
8 8,225,044 Storage system which utilizes two kinds of memory devices as its cache memory and method of controlling the storage system
9 8,225,041 Management method of performance history and a management system of performance history
10 8,225,039 Storage controller and virtual volume control method
11 8,225,036 Storage controller and method for controlling the same
12 8,225,011 Method of monitoring device forming information processing system, information apparatus and information processing system
13 8,224,880 File management apparatus and method, and storage system
14 8,224,879 Management system and management method for storage system
15 8,224,782 System and method for chunk based tiered storage volume migration
16 8,224,630 Modeling computer applications and storage used thereby
17 8,224,616 Sensor network system for managing the latest data and history data
18 8,224,555 Control apparatus of spark ignition internal combustion engine
19 8,224,533 Auto lighting system
20 8,224,149 Record/reproduction apparatus and record mode setting method for the same
21 8,224,135 Optical communication system using WDMA and CDMA
22 8,224,123 Method for transmitting and receiving image, receiving device, and image storage device
23 8,224,120 Image signal processing apparatus and image signal processing method
24 8,224,088 Method for background generation and its system for video surveillance
25 8,223,652 Storage system, path management method and path management device
26 8,223,613 Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus
27 8,223,602 Optical disc drive
28 8,223,599 Information recording/reproduction apparatus, information recording method and information recording medium
29 8,223,464 Differential head having a balanced output and method of manufacturing thereof
30 8,223,463 Magnetic read head
31 8,223,462 Magnetoresistive sensor design for signal noise pickup reduction for use with deep gap electrostatic discharge shunt
32 8,223,461 Pure rotary microactuator
33 8,223,458 Magnetic head having an asymmetrical shape and systems thereof
34 8,223,454 Cooling system for an electronic unit with plural heat-generating sections
35 8,223,306 Display device
36 8,223,203 Camera for mounting in motor vehicle
37 8,223,199 Finger vein authentication unit and information processing unit
38 8,223,174 White balance correction circuit and correction method for display apparatus that displays color image by controlling number of emissions or intensity thereof in accordance with plurality of primary color video signals
39 8,223,167 Image processing apparatus and image displaying device
40 8,222,785 High resistance magnet and motor using the same
41 8,222,645 Display device
42 8,222,618 Method and apparatus for processing a microsample
43 8,222,601 Scanning electron microscope and method of imaging an object by using the scanning electron microscope
44 8,222,579 Microwave irradiation system
45 8,222,161 Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor devices manufacturing method
46 8,221,974 Method of nucleic acid sequence detection and nucleic acid sequence detection substrate
47 8,221,897 Rolled copper foil
48 8,221,835 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and apparatus for processing substrate
49 8,221,702 Sample dispensing apparatus and method
50 8,221,686 Particle manufacturing device
51 8,221,653 Composition of conductive rubber
52 8,221,598 System for plating
53 8,221,509 Battery and method for producing the same
54 8,221,192 Magnetic-recording-disk test-head and method of manufacturing a magnetic-recording disk using the magnetic-recording-disk test-head
55 8,221,094 Screw compressor in which low and high pressure stage compressor bodies overly at least portion of motor body
56 8,220,878 Electronic device including circuit board with radiating member, hydraulic unit including the electronic device, and method of fixing the radiating member to the circuit board
57 8,220,717 Tubular container enabling individual identification
58 8,220,433 Piston for internal combustion engine and piston surface treatment method
59 8,220,432 Internal combustion engine piston
60 8,220,409 Varnish coating device and method for coating a varnish
61 8,220,179 Disc drying device and disc drying method
62 8,220,153 Production method for complex bearing
63 8,220,136 Forming a planarized surface for at least one bar of sliders