Hitachi patents granted on 17 November 2015

55 US patents granted on 17 November 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D743,250 Packaging container
2 D743,226 Portable cutter
3 9,191,628 Pattern dimension measurement method, pattern dimension measurement device, program for causing computer to execute pattern dimension measurement method, and recording medium having same recorded thereon
4 9,191,589 Image processing device
5 9,191,464 Method and apparatus for virtualization of a file system, data storage system for virtualization of a file system, and file server for use in a data storage system
6 9,190,992 Semiconductor device and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus using the same
7 9,190,930 Power conversion device including a plurality of legs connected in parallel, each leg including a plurality of unit converters connected in series
8 9,190,769 Cable connecting apparatus, cable assembly, and method of making cable assembly
9 9,190,537 Mechanical quantity measuring device
10 9,190,336 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
11 9,190,309 Tape for processing wafer, method for manufacturing tape for processing
12 9,190,299 Apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and recording medium
13 9,190,298 Film forming method and recording medium for performing the method
14 9,190,281 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
15 9,190,264 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of processing substrate and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
16 9,190,243 Composite charged particle beam apparatus and thin sample processing method
17 9,190,240 Charged particle microscope apparatus and image acquisition method of charged particle microscope apparatus utilizing image correction based on estimated diffusion of charged particles
18 9,190,194 Semiconductor ceramic composition, method for producing the same, and PTC element
19 9,190,192 Cable holder
20 9,190,101 Archive device
21 9,190,097 Optical information recording/reproducing device and optical information recording/reproducing method
22 9,189,877 Pixel analysis and image transformation device and method
23 9,189,680 Authentication system
24 9,189,635 Computer system and its control method
25 9,189,610 Projection type image display device
26 9,189,485 Time-series data diagnosing/compressing method
27 9,189,418 Computer system, server module, and storage module
28 9,189,393 Computer, control method of computer, and recording medium
29 9,189,391 Storage system and data control method therefor
30 9,189,346 Management computer used to construct backup configuration of application data
31 9,189,344 Storage management system and storage management method with backup policy
32 9,189,335 Fast data recovery from HDD failure
33 9,189,324 Data archive system, data recording/reproducing apparatus and data library apparatus
34 9,189,319 Management system for outputting information denoting recovery method corresponding to root cause of failure
35 9,189,293 Computer, virtualization mechanism, and scheduling method
36 9,189,168 Data migration system and data migration method
37 9,189,039 Information processing system, operation management method of information processing system, and data center
38 9,188,708 Film having low refractive index film and method for producing the same, anti-reflection film and method for producing the same, coating liquid set for low refractive index film, substrate having microparticle-laminated thin film and method for producing the same, and optical member
39 9,188,685 Calibration method for radiation detector, and particle therapy system
40 9,188,554 Pattern inspection device and pattern inspection method
41 9,188,553 X-ray fluorescence analyzer
42 9,188,470 Thermal flow meter
43 9,188,458 Positional information providing system, navigation system, and terminal device
44 9,188,393 Multistage pressure condenser and steam turbine plant equipped with the same
45 9,188,211 Roller screw
46 9,188,125 Scroll fluid machine with cooling duct
47 9,188,078 Control apparatus of internal combustion engine
48 9,188,062 Gas turbine
49 9,187,880 Electric drive unit for construction machine
50 9,187,875 Arm for construction machine
51 9,187,826 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
52 9,187,294 Hybrid construction machine and method for controlling the same
53 9,186,753 Back-shielded welding method and welded structure using the same
54 9,186,657 Exhaust gas purification catalyst suppressing influence of iron compound
55 9,186,634 Kneading apparatus, method for producing thermoplastic resin molded product, and foam injection molding method