Hitachi patents granted on 17 October 2006

58 US patents granted on 17 October 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D530,343 Housing for a storage device
2 D530,341 Housing for a storage device
3 D530,293 Digital video disc recorder with video tape recorder
4 D530,292 Television console
5 D530,270 Battery pack
6 7,124,344 Error correction coding and decoding apparatuses
7 7,124,294 Electronic certificate system
8 7,124,267 Remote copy system
9 7,124,265 Storage system which controls access to logical devices by permitting attribute modes for logical devices to be set
10 7,124,264 Storage system, control method for storage system, and storage control unit
11 7,124,258 Storage system and storage device system
12 7,124,246 Storage management method and system
13 7,124,244 Storage system and a method of speeding up writing data into the storage system
14 7,124,242 Volume providing system and method
15 7,124,169 Network system and its switches
16 7,124,143 Data migration in storage system
17 7,124,139 Method and apparatus for managing faults in storage system having job management function
18 7,124,056 Information transmission device for construction machine
19 7,123,977 Production planning system
20 7,123,902 Method for sending and receiving a plurality of mail contents and display condition information
21 7,123,631 Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
22 7,123,610 Node apparatus and packet communication method for communicating with a mobile terminal
23 7,123,599 Mobile communication system
24 7,123,565 Information reproducing method and information reproducing apparatus of multilayer optical disk
25 7,123,481 Electronic device
26 7,123,455 Magnetic tunnel junction sensor with insulating antiferromagnetic material extending from free layer extensions to electrically conductive lead
27 7,123,440 Hermetically sealed electronics arrangement and approach
28 7,123,439 Aerodynamic diffuser, contraction, and fairing for disk base and re-acceleration drag reduction in hard disk drives
29 7,123,430 Method and apparatus for providing write pre-compensation using a read timing path
30 7,123,429 Method and apparatus for providing write pre-compensation using a read timing path
31 7,123,251 Image display device
32 7,123,249 Display device including imperfect connection parts extending between printed circuit boards for bridging
33 7,123,237 Display device
34 7,123,218 Method for driving plasma display panel
35 7,123,217 Method for driving plasma display panel
36 7,123,048 Signal transmitting device suited to fast signal transmission
37 7,122,934 Rotating electric machine, motor-driven vehicle and resin insert-molding method
38 7,122,883 Stacked semiconductor device including improved lead frame arrangement
39 7,122,811 Particle beam irradiation apparatus, treatment planning unit, and particle beam irradiation method
40 7,122,796 Electron beam inspection method and apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing method and its manufacturing line utilizing the same
41 7,122,775 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and imaging system
42 7,122,479 Etching processing method
43 7,122,469 Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
44 7,122,129 Fluorescent substance and fluorescent composition containing the same
45 7,122,103 Air/fuel ratio detection apparatus
46 7,122,096 Method and apparatus for processing semiconductor
47 7,122,087 Method of manufacturing RFID
48 7,121,976 System and method for controlling motor vehicle
49 7,121,775 Portable electric tool
50 7,121,450 Friction stir welding method and group of shape members for friction stir welding
51 7,121,442 Combustion-type power tool
52 7,121,268 Electronic EGR gas control system
53 7,121,259 Throttle device for internal-combustion engine
54 7,121,253 Cylinder injection type internal combustion engine, control method for internal combustion engine, and fuel injection valve
55 7,121,137 Diagnosis apparatus for air transfer apparatus and method thereof
56 7,121,133 System, method, and apparatus for glide head calibration with enhanced PZT channel for very low qualification glide heights
57 7,121,082 Engine control system
58 7,120,988 Method for forming a write head having air bearing surface (ABS)