Hitachi patents granted on 18 December 2007

42 US patents granted on 18 December 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,310,823 Digital information recording apparatus and outputting apparatus
2 7,310,812 Service executing method and service providing system
3 7,310,717 Data transfer control unit with selectable transfer unit size
4 7,310,713 Storage system having dynamic volume allocation function
5 7,310,711 Hard disk drive with support for atomic transactions
6 7,310,702 Storage control system and control method for the same
7 7,310,701 Method for analyzing performance information
8 7,310,700 Microcomputer, programming method and erasing method
9 7,310,614 System and method for operation and management of storage apparatus
10 7,310,519 Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
11 7,310,476 Imaging apparatus
12 7,310,428 Method of detecting digital watermark information
13 7,310,351 Method and apparatus for translating protocol
14 7,310,290 Tracking learning/adjusting method and optical disk device
15 7,310,266 Semiconductor device having memory cells implemented with bipolar-transistor-antifuses operating in a first and second mode
16 7,310,256 Semiconductor memory device
17 7,310,209 Magnetoresistive sensor having a high coercivity hard magnetic bias layer deposited over a metallic layer
18 7,310,205 Thermally assisted recording of magnetic media using a resonant cavity and energy
19 7,310,203 Thin film magnetic head having magnetic pole edge layer for achieving both improvement of recording magnetic field and reduction of unnecessary leakage magnetic field, and method of manufacturing same
20 7,310,201 Composite disk clamp assembly with lower layer fixedly coupled to upper layer of smaller diameter
21 7,310,198 Measurement of slider body clearance in a magnetic disk drive using positive and negative electrical pulses
22 7,310,197 Simultaneous measurement of contact potential and slider body clearance in a magnetic disk drive
23 7,310,133 Finger identification apparatus
24 7,310,076 Display apparatus
25 7,310,061 Velocity sensor and ground vehicle velocity sensor using the same
26 7,310,001 Current sensing method and current sensing device, power conversion device using this current sensing device, and vehicle using this power conversion device
27 7,309,967 Motor drive circuitry with regenerative braking for disk drive
28 7,309,892 Semiconductor element and semiconductor memory device using the same
29 7,309,860 Mass spectrometer
30 7,309,754 Stable encapsulant fluid capable of undergoing reversible Diels-Alder polymerization
31 7,309,568 Method in inspecting DNA and apparatus therefor
32 7,309,559 Resist pattern, process for producing same, and utilization thereof
33 7,309,465 Sintered sprocket for silent chain and production method therefor
34 7,309,219 Scroll type fluid machinery
35 7,309,040 Magnetic tape cartridge
36 7,309,019 Method of checking authenticity of sheet with built-in electronic circuit chip
37 7,309,018 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and noncontact IC card
38 7,308,961 Vehicle cruise control device and method
39 7,308,960 Vehicle drive train unit and vehicle drive train system
40 7,308,885 Engine control system with fuel injection timing control method
41 7,308,871 Control apparatus for variable valve apparatus and method thereof
42 7,308,833 Torque sensor, wire harness, electric power steering assembly and terminal holder