Hitachi patents granted on 18 January 2011

58 US patents granted on 18 January 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,873,970 Optical pickup device and optical disc drive apparatus
2 7,873,871 Communication control system and communication control method
3 7,873,870 Storage controller and data erasing method for storage device
4 7,873,867 Power saving method in NAS and computer system using the method
5 7,873,866 Computer system, storage system and configuration management method
6 7,873,865 Apparatus and method for controlling data recovery
7 7,873,860 External storage and data recovery method for external storage as well as program
8 7,873,809 Method and apparatus for de-duplication after mirror operation
9 7,873,783 Computer and method for reflecting path redundancy configuration of first computer system in second computer system
10 7,873,767 Wireless IC memory, accessing apparatus for use of wireless IC memory, accessing control method for use of wireless IC memory, and wireless IC memory system
11 7,873,759 Information processing system and method of allocating I/O to paths in same
12 7,873,750 Server system having I/O interface unit
13 7,873,600 Storage control device to backup data stored in virtual volume
14 7,873,599 Backup control apparatus and method eliminating duplication of information resources
15 7,873,550 Process control system and process control method
16 7,873,383 Wireless communication device, controlling method and program therefor
17 7,873,380 Method of communication and base station
18 7,873,277 Passive optical network system and wavelength assignment method
19 7,873,205 Apparatus and method for classifying defects using multiple classification modules
20 7,873,202 Method and apparatus for reviewing defects of semiconductor device
21 7,873,116 Transmitter
22 7,873,049 Multi-user MAC protocol for a local area network
23 7,872,906 Unidirectional-current magnetization-reversal magnetoresistance element and magnetic recording apparatus
24 7,872,905 Method and apparatus for write enable and inhibit for high density spin torque three dimensional (3D) memory arrays
25 7,872,877 Plasma display apparatus
26 7,872,865 Disk array device and electronic device
27 7,872,837 Method and apparatus for providing a magnetic read sensor having a thin pinning layer and improved magnetoreistive coefficient
28 7,872,836 Disk drive device
29 7,872,826 Disk storage device and control method for the same
30 7,872,743 Defect inspection system
31 7,872,742 Surface inspection method and surface inspection apparatus
32 7,872,725 Liquid crystal display device
33 7,872,696 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
34 7,872,629 Shift register circuit and display apparatus using the same
35 7,872,555 Undulator
36 7,872,472 Eddy current testing apparatus and eddy current testing method
37 7,872,414 Light emitting element and display device with improved external coupling efficiency
38 7,872,399 Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
39 7,872,257 Organic thin film transistor array and method of manufacturing the same
40 7,872,254 Wiring and organic transistor, and manufacturing method thereof
41 7,872,240 Corrector for charged-particle beam aberration and charged-particle beam apparatus
42 7,872,232 Electronic microscope apparatus
43 7,872,230 Micro-sample processing method, observation method and apparatus
44 7,872,099 Camera device and monitor system
45 7,871,938 Producing method of semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
46 7,871,737 Metal composite for fuel cell and fuel cell bipolar plate using same, and fabrication method for same
47 7,871,717 Optical film and method for producing the same
48 7,871,694 Prepreg, metal-clad laminate and printed circuit board using same
49 7,871,542 Plasma display device, luminescent device and image and information display system using the same
50 7,871,475 Rare-earth magnet and manufacturing method thereof and magnet motor
51 7,871,463 Dust collection device
52 7,871,380 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
53 7,871,308 Abrasive, method of polishing target member and process for producing semiconductor device
54 7,871,299 Connector, jack socket component, electronic equipment and plug component
55 7,871,111 Method and apparatus for repairing a flawed welded joint in a core spray piping system
56 7,870,674 Production method for oil-impregnated sintered bearing
57 7,870,663 Method for manufacturing multilayer wiring board
58 7,870,659 Method for defining a perpendicular magnetic head