Hitachi patents granted on 18 October 2011

78 US patents granted on 18 October 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE42,859 File server that allows an end user to specify storage characteristics with ease
2 D647,102 Graphical user interface for a computer monitor of an X-ray tomography scanner
3 8,042,175 Digital signal processing apparatus
4 8,042,123 Optical disc handling for standard slim drive
5 8,042,101 Method and program for monitoring execution state of program
6 8,042,021 Memory card and memory controller
7 8,041,993 Distributed control system
8 8,041,986 Take over method for computer system
9 8,041,961 Storage system
10 8,041,959 Computer system, storage system and management computer for backing up and restore encryption key for storage system incorporating therein a stored data encryption function
11 8,041,917 Managing server, pool adding method and computer system
12 8,041,914 Storage system comprising function for reducing power consumption
13 8,041,911 Remote copy system and method of deciding recovery point objective in remote copy system
14 8,041,910 Storage apparatus and control method thereof
15 8,041,909 Disk array system and method for migrating from one storage system to another
16 8,041,850 Storage apparatus and data integrity assurance method
17 8,041,822 Service network system and server device
18 8,041,813 Storage management method and server
19 8,041,791 Computer system, management server, and mismatched connection configuration detection method
20 8,041,787 Application software and data management method, management system, and thin client terminal, management server and remote computer used therefor
21 8,041,685 Method of changing system configuration in shared-nothing database management system
22 8,041,682 Storage control system and method
23 8,041,674 Method and system for data processing with data replication for the same
24 8,041,672 Management device and computer system
25 8,041,591 Business process operation method and system
26 8,041,458 Robot
27 8,041,443 Surface defect data display and management system and a method of displaying and managing a surface defect data
28 8,041,415 Ultrasonic diagnosis system and strain distribution display method
29 8,041,213 Optical transmission equipment and optical network
30 8,041,104 Pattern matching apparatus and scanning electron microscope using the same
31 8,040,898 Wireless terminal, access point, system provided with the same, and wireless communication method
32 8,040,872 Frame forwarding apparatus
33 8,040,854 OFDM wireless communication method and wireless communication apparatus
34 8,040,780 Optical pickup device and optical disc apparatus
35 8,040,777 Information recording method, information recording medium and information recording apparatus
36 8,040,776 Pulse amplitude modulation circuit with pulse width equalization
37 8,040,775 Optical disc apparatus and optical disc discriminating method
38 8,040,772 Method and apparatus for inspecting a pattern shape
39 8,040,771 Optical disc apparatus and method for controlling overwrite power
40 8,040,770 Recording method and optical disc apparatus
41 8,040,768 Information recording apparatus
42 8,040,767 Optical disc drive
43 8,040,712 Information memory device and memory medium
44 8,040,639 Integrated silicon micro-actuator slider
45 8,040,519 Biological optical measurement apparatus
46 8,040,515 Fluorescence detection apparatus and method, and prism used therein
47 8,040,503 Method of inspecting a semiconductor device and an apparatus thereof
48 8,040,486 Ink for forming liquid crystal spacer and liquid crystal display device using such ink
49 8,040,478 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing that
50 8,040,464 Image display device
51 8,040,448 Transflective liquid crystal display device
52 8,040,410 Imaging apparatus
53 8,040,295 Plasma display apparatus
54 8,040,214 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
55 8,040,146 Inspection apparatus having a heating mechanism for performing sample temperature regulation
56 8,040,136 NMR solenoidal coil for RF field homogeneity
57 8,040,134 Magnetic resonance imaging device configured to suppress signals from fat by excluding effect of non-uniformity of irradiated magnetic field
58 8,040,131 Method for testing the acceptability of a magnetic read sensor
59 8,040,088 Power inverter
60 8,040,064 Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
61 8,040,043 Display device and luminous panel
62 8,040,010 Permanent magnet type generator and hybrid vehicle using the same
63 8,039,998 Rotor for motor and method for producing the same
64 8,039,404 Production method for semiconductor device
65 8,039,182 Circuit pattern formation device and method of forming circuit pattern to substrate
66 8,039,171 Current-collecting composite plate for fuel cell and fuel cell fabricated using same
67 8,039,056 Polymer thin film, patterned substrate, patterned medium for magnetic recording, and method of manufacturing these articles
68 8,038,898 Abrasive liquid for metal and method for polishing
69 8,038,896 Plasma processing method and apparatus
70 8,038,807 R-Fe-B rare-earth sintered magnet and process for producing the same
71 8,038,592 Centrifuge having face seal
72 8,038,574 Apparatus and method for controlling automatic transmission
73 8,038,420 Variable displacement vane pump
74 8,038,391 Vortex blower
75 8,038,178 High pressure fuel pipe construction for an internal combustion engine
76 8,038,174 Apparatus for repairing a core spray downcomer pipe slip joint coupling
77 8,038,050 Solder ball printing apparatus
78 8,037,593 Method for manufacturing an ultra narrow gap magnetoresistive sensor