Hitachi patents granted on 19 April 2016

43 US patents granted on 19 April 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,320,170 Communication module-cooling structure and communication device
2 9,320,154 Method of manufacturing an interlayer connection substrate
3 9,320,042 Wireless communication system with multiple base stations cooperating to transmit data
4 9,319,910 Communication system
5 9,319,888 System and method for selecting unlicensed frequency band using hybrid TDD and FDD
6 9,319,687 Image decoding device and method thereof using inter-coded predictive encoding code
7 9,319,598 Personal identification system
8 9,319,284 Operation delay monitoring method, operation management apparatus, and operation management program
9 9,319,281 Resource management method, resource management device, and program product
10 9,319,265 Read ahead caching of data from cloud storage and method thereof
11 9,319,002 Distortion compensation circuit and transmission device using distortion compensation circuit and high-frequency power amplifier
12 9,318,814 Wire connection member, wire connection structure and annular power distribution member
13 9,318,558 MOS field effect transistor
14 9,318,443 Method for forming identification marks on refractory material single crystal substrate, and refractory material single crystal substrate
15 9,318,397 Stacked semiconductor chips including test circuitry
16 9,318,346 CMP polishing liquid and polishing method
17 9,318,316 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of processing substrate and substrate processing apparatus for forming thin film containing at least two different elements
18 9,318,303 Charged particle beam apparatus
19 9,318,299 Charged particle beam device having an energy filter
20 9,318,285 Switchgear and opening and closing method thereof
21 9,318,178 Semiconductor storage device and data processing method
22 9,317,978 Condition monitoring system, condition monitoring system unit, and terminal system unit
23 9,317,929 Decomposition apparatus and method for refining composition of mixed pixels in remote sensing images
24 9,317,918 Apparatus, method, and computer program product for medical diagnostic imaging assistance
25 9,317,716 Privacy protection-type data providing system
26 9,317,539 Time-series database setup automatic generation method, setup automatic generation system and monitoring server
27 9,317,519 Storage system for eliminating duplicated data
28 9,317,423 Storage system which realizes asynchronous remote copy using cache memory composed of flash memory, and control method thereof
29 9,317,381 Storage system and data management method
30 9,317,335 Reducing internal retention time of processing requests on a web system having different types of data processing structures
31 9,317,205 Information processing system and control method thereof
32 9,317,080 Local cooling unit and cooling system
33 9,317,035 Remote operation system
34 9,316,662 Automated analyzer and maintenance method for same
35 9,315,966 Arm for construction machine with upper ends of rear plate protruding upward
36 9,315,898 TEM sample preparation method
37 9,315,384 Apparatus for producing nanocarbon material and method for producing nanocarbon material
38 9,315,355 Paper sheet processing device
39 9,315,116 Electric drive vehicle
40 9,314,943 Kneading apparatus and method for producing thermoplastic resin molded product
41 9,314,908 Impact tool
42 9,314,855 Electric boring tool
43 9,314,835 Power steering apparatus and method of manufacturing power steering apparatus