Hitachi patents granted on 19 February 2008

65 US patents granted on 19 February 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D562,228 Battery pack
2 D562,227 Battery pack
3 D562,096 Jig saw
4 7,334,189 Displaying method in information processing apparatus that permits execution of either object or task oriented processings
5 7,334,165 Signal processing apparatus and a data recording and reproducing apparatus including local memory processor
6 7,334,164 Cache control method in a storage system with multiple disk controllers
7 7,334,155 Remote copy system and remote copy method
8 7,334,106 Storage system
9 7,334,101 Point in time remote copy for multiple sites
10 7,334,100 Storage system and data backup method for the same
11 7,334,097 Method for controlling storage device controller, storage device controller, and program
12 7,334,084 Disk array apparatus and control method for disk array apparatus
13 7,334,081 System and method for optimizing sequential XOR command performance
14 7,334,080 Nonvolatile memory with independent access capability to associated buffer
15 7,334,079 Worm providing storage system
16 7,334,069 Array system controls request based on information received from host computer
17 7,334,058 File input/output control device and method for the same background
18 7,334,052 Versatile dual port connector element arrangement
19 7,334,036 Information management system and a method thereof
20 7,334,029 Data migration method
21 7,334,027 Controlling method, computer system, and processing program of booting up a computer
22 7,333,989 Method and apparatus for integrating distributed information
23 7,333,983 Method of and an apparatus for retrieving and delivering documents and a recording media on which a program for retrieving and delivering documents are stored
24 7,333,972 Database integration management method and apparatus and processing program, medium therefor
25 7,333,885 Engine control unit
26 7,333,882 Suspension control apparatus
27 7,333,717 Method of using AV devices and AV device system
28 7,333,696 Tape-shaped optical fiber cable
29 7,333,682 Photoelectric composite interconnection assembly and electronics device using same
30 7,333,677 Image alignment method, comparative inspection method, and comparative inspection device for comparative inspections
31 7,333,584 Nuclear power plant and operation method thereof
32 7,333,573 Radio communication apparatus and method having automatic frequency control function
33 7,333,488 Multicast delivery control apparatus and method
34 7,333,334 Liquid cooling system and electronic equipment using the same
35 7,333,305 Magnetoresistive sensor with in-stack bias layer pinned at the back edge of the sensor stripe
36 7,333,304 CPP sensor having hard bias stabilization placed at back edge of the stripe
37 7,333,302 GMR sensor having an under-layer treated with nitrogen for increased magnetoresistance
38 7,333,301 Magnetic recording head and method for manufacturing
39 7,333,300 Magnetoresistive device with lapping guide treated to eliminate magnetoresistive effect thereof
40 7,333,283 Disk drive device with temperature and humidity control
41 7,333,282 Data storage device and data storage device control method
42 7,333,192 Apparatus and method for inspecting defects
43 7,333,191 Scanning probe microscope and measurement method using the same
44 7,332,894 Power generation apparatus using AC energization synchronous generator and method of controlling the same
45 7,332,888 Driving apparatus for a motor
46 7,332,882 Motor drive device that combined charge controller
47 7,332,865 Display panel device with a light-permeable front sheet
48 7,332,856 Image display device
49 7,332,854 Organic EL display device
50 7,332,838 Motor-fan assembly and combustion-type power tool employing the same
51 7,332,832 Removable hard disk drive (HDD) that is hot-plug compatible with multiple external power supply voltages
52 7,332,757 MOSFET package
53 7,332,713 Mass spectrometric method and mass spectrometric system
54 7,332,628 Process for producing carbonyl fluoride
55 7,332,359 Semiconductor device inspection method
56 7,332,245 Electrode for electrochemical devices and battery using the same
57 7,332,099 Ion bombardment of electrical lapping guides to decrease noise during lapping process
58 7,331,918 Centrifugal separator with safety features
59 7,331,897 Active shift transmission, transmission control unit and automobile
60 7,331,846 Blasting apparatus for outer surface of pipe
61 7,331,826 Electric disk brake
62 7,331,751 Vacuum processing method
63 7,331,323 Lubricating oil supplying system for internal combustion engine
64 7,331,264 Miter saw having mechanism for adjusting tilting angle of circular saw blade
65 7,331,230 Semiconductor-type three-axis acceleration sensor