Hitachi patents granted on 19 January 2016

23 US patents granted on 19 January 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,241,429 Power module and power conversion apparatus using same
2 9,241,404 Adhesive varnish, adhesive film and wiring film
3 9,241,138 Image monitoring apparatus, image monitoring system, and image monitoring system configuration method
4 9,240,897 Method of using AV devices and AV device system
5 9,240,502 Element and photovoltaic cell
6 9,240,490 Oxide semiconductor target and oxide semiconductor material, as well as semiconductor device using the same
7 9,240,305 Charged particle beam device and sample observation method
8 9,240,253 Column geometry to maximize elution efficiencies for molybdenum-99
9 9,240,124 Traffic-volume prediction device and method
10 9,239,845 Backup system
11 9,239,844 Data duplication detection system and method for controlling data duplication detection system
12 9,239,681 Storage subsystem and method for controlling the storage subsystem
13 9,239,680 Storage system for a storage pool and virtual volumes
14 9,239,306 Abnormality diagnosis apparatus for electric pump
15 9,239,283 Defect inspection method and device therefor
16 9,239,281 Method and device for dividing area of image of particle in urine
17 9,239,164 Slag monitoring device for coal gasifier and coal gasifier
18 9,239,082 Rotor and rotating electric machine equipped with the rotor
19 9,239,053 Hermetically sealed scroll compressor
20 9,239,014 Automotive control device and period measurement method for the same
21 9,238,784 Grease for electrical contact and slide electricity structure, power switch, vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum insulated switchgear, and vacuum-insulated switchgear assembling method
22 9,238,257 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, cleaning method, and substrate processing apparatus
23 9,237,881 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method of retrieving and displaying heart function test period