Hitachi patents granted on 19 July 2016

43 US patents granted on 19 July 2016 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,398,728 Storage subsystem and method for controlling the same
2 9,398,485 Wireless sensor network system
3 9,397,953 Operation managing method for computer system, computer system and computer-readable storage medium having program thereon
4 9,397,886 Multi-tenancy information processing system, management server, and configuration management method
5 9,397,535 Brushless motor and electric-powered tool
6 9,397,381 Electromagnetic coupling structure, multilayered transmission line plate, method for producing electromagnetic coupling structure, and method for producing multilayered transmission line plate
7 9,397,374 Secondary battery module, battery information management device, battery information management system, secondary battery reuse system, secondary battery recovery and sales system, secondary battery reuse method, and secondary battery recovery and sales method
8 9,397,371 Storage system and storage controller for storage system
9 9,396,930 Substrate processing apparatus
10 9,396,929 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus and recording medium
11 9,396,841 Noise suppression cable
12 9,396,825 Method and system for simultaneous irradiation and elution capsule
13 9,396,395 Image processing apparatus and image processing method, configured to apply threshold conditions to specify target pixel
14 9,396,239 Compiling method, storage medium and compiling apparatus
15 9,396,198 Computer system, file management method and metadata server
16 9,396,150 Computer system and method utilizing a PCIe switch to control transfer of packets
17 9,396,029 Storage system and method for allocating resource
18 9,396,026 Allocating a task to a computer based on determined resources
19 9,396,013 Method for controlling a virtual machine and a virtual machine system
20 9,395,936 Method and apparatus for remote storage performance data copy
21 9,395,928 Storage system group including scale-out storage system and management method therefor
22 9,395,926 Storage system and management computer
23 9,395,922 Information system and I/O processing method
24 9,395,741 Electric-power management system, electric-power management method, and section controller
25 9,395,692 Hairspring material for mechanical timepiece and hairspring using the same
26 9,395,626 Photosensitive resin composition, method for manufacturing patterned cured film, and electronic component
27 9,395,336 Scanning acoustic tomograph
28 9,395,298 Blood coagulation analyzer
29 9,395,255 On-vehicle detector
30 9,395,085 Communicating structure between adjacent combustors and turbine portion and gas turbine
31 9,394,934 Fastening method and cylinder device
32 9,394,906 Oil free screw compressor
33 9,394,847 Fuel injection control apparatus for internal combustion engine
34 9,394,670 Construction machine
35 9,394,607 Substrate processing apparatus
36 9,394,514 Culture substrate, culture sheet, and cell culture method
37 9,394,457 Photo curable resin composition, imaging display device and production method thereof
38 9,394,265 Method for producing alkyldiol monoglycidyl ether
39 9,393,874 Trolley-type truck
40 9,393,645 Junction material, manufacturing method thereof, and manufacturing method of junction structure
41 9,393,577 Centrifuge with temperature control
42 9,393,562 Analyzer
43 9,393,443 Treatment planning system