Hitachi patents granted on 19 October 2010

59 US patents granted on 19 October 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE41,832 Method for driving a gas-discharge panel
2 RE41,828 Image display and a manufacturing method of the same
3 D625,749 Electron microscope
4 7,818,749 Data processing method, data processing apparatus, and data processing program
5 7,818,620 Program failure analysis system, failure analysis method, and emulator device
6 7,818,499 Methods and apparatuses for heat management in storage systems
7 7,818,495 Storage device and deduplication method
8 7,818,014 Wireless communication system, access point and wireless station composing the wireless communication system, and communication load balancing method for access point
9 7,817,889 Optical waveguide structure, optical-waveguide-type optical module and optical fiber array
10 7,817,860 Method and apparatus for measuring dimension using electron microscope
11 7,817,837 Image processing device and method
12 7,817,828 Image processor for medical treatment support
13 7,817,811 Sound-electricity conversion device, array-type ultrasonic transducer, and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
14 7,817,746 Peak factor reduction unit and baseband signal processing device
15 7,817,741 MIMO wireless data communication system, MIMO wireless data communication method and MIMO wireless data communication apparatus
16 7,817,720 Method of coding and decoding image
17 7,817,705 Laser light source device, optical information recording device, and optical information reproducing device
18 7,817,626 Storage subsystem
19 7,817,515 Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and alternation process method thereof
20 7,817,378 Slider air bearing with asymetric side rail
21 7,817,371 Active compensation of flying height in magnetic disk drives
22 7,817,367 Apparatus, signal-processing circuit and device for magnetic recording system
23 7,817,362 Inspection apparatus and inspection method of magnetic disk or magnetic head
24 7,817,357 Display device
25 7,817,286 Iteration method to improve the fly height measurement accuracy by optical interference method and theoretical pitch and roll effect
26 7,817,261 Method of apparatus for detecting particles on a specimen
27 7,817,237 LCD panel and device having a non-overlapping area of a first substrate with a pair of protruding seal members with wiring lines overlapping the area but patterned to avoid the protruding members
28 7,817,226 Liquid crystal display device
29 7,817,223 Liquid crystal display device
30 7,817,222 Display device
31 7,817,169 Display device
32 7,817,164 Image editing device and method thereof
33 7,817,125 Display device
34 7,817,113 Method for driving a gas electric discharge device
35 7,817,105 Image forming method and charged particle beam apparatus
36 7,817,094 Antenna, and wireless module, wireless unit and wireless apparatus having the antenna
37 7,817,057 Wrist strap monitor remote alarm panel display
38 7,816,994 Microwave circulator with thin-film exchange-coupled magnetic structure
39 7,816,955 Ramp generator and circuit pattern inspection apparatus using the same ramp generator
40 7,816,874 Vehicle driving system
41 7,816,868 Plasma display panel with magnesium oxide film having an oxygen deficiency
42 7,816,820 Compacted magnetic core with high resistance, manufacturing method thereof, and motor for electric car
43 7,816,786 Semiconductor unit, and power conversion system and on-vehicle electrical system using the same
44 7,816,702 Semiconductor device
45 7,816,430 Composition of polycyanate ester and biphenyl epoxy resin
46 7,816,110 Process for producing pellets containing entrapped microorganisms
47 7,816,081 Method of minimizing reagent consumption in microplate-based reactions
48 7,816,062 Method and apparatus for semiconductor device production process monitoring and method and apparatus for estimating cross sectional shape of a pattern
49 7,815,842 Method for producing conducting polymer fibers with vinyl and conducting polymer fibers with vinyl produced thereby
50 7,815,752 Magnetic alloy and method for producing same
51 7,815,749 Method for manufacturing semi-hard magnetic material and semi-hard magnetic material
52 7,815,726 Treating agent for forming a fluoride coating film and method for forming a fluoride coating film
53 7,815,560 Centrifuge having pivotally supported door
54 7,815,461 Connector for vehicles having a vibration-proof effect against vibration of a shielded electric wire
55 7,815,416 Steam turbine
56 7,815,085 Combustion type driving tool
57 7,814,823 Feedback link for swash plate-type variable displacement hydraulic rotary machine
58 7,814,785 Thermal flow meter, thermal flow meter control method, and sensor element of thermal flow meter
59 7,814,643 Method for reducing off-track gain for a disk drive actuator