Hitachi patents granted on 20 August 2013

51 US patents granted on 20 August 2013 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE44,445 Method for forming partitions of plasma display panel by using sandblasting processing
2 8,516,513 Cassette with disk eject mechanism
3 8,516,511 Optical pickup and disc drive using optical pickup
4 8,516,479 Virtual machine system and method for controlling interrupt thereof
5 8,516,294 Virtual computer system and control method thereof
6 8,516,245 Method, product and apparatus for accelerating public-key certificate validation
7 8,516,215 Computing system having a controller for controlling allocation of a storage area of a logical volume in a pool to a virtual volume and controlling methods for the same
8 8,516,209 Computer system, storage volume management method, and computer-readable storage medium
9 8,516,204 Memory control device and method for controlling the same
10 8,516,191 Storage system and method of managing a storage system using a management apparatus
11 8,515,915 System and method for enhancing availability of a distributed object storage system during a partial database outage
12 8,515,802 System and method for recommending changes to information technology system jobs based on management cost and job degree of similarity
13 8,515,719 Apparatus anomaly monitoring method and system
14 8,515,619 Motion control unit for vehicle based on jerk information
15 8,515,569 Work support system, work support method, and storage medium
16 8,515,483 Wireless communication system and method, and base station apparatus
17 8,515,287 Optical transmission equipment and method for controlling thereof
18 8,515,155 Pattern generating apparatus and pattern shape evaluating apparatus
19 8,515,153 System and method of image processing, and scanning electron microscope
20 8,514,998 Induction heating stress improvement
21 8,514,869 Packet routing apparatus
22 8,514,684 Multilayer optical disc for easy positioning of a focused beam
23 8,514,683 Highly adaptive recording method and optical recording apparatus
24 8,514,681 Recording medium, address generating and detection method, and reproduction and recording apparatus
25 8,514,541 Injector drive circuit
26 8,514,388 Flaw inspecting method and device therefor
27 8,514,359 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method therefor
28 8,514,356 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
29 8,514,351 Liquid crystal display
30 8,514,349 Image display apparatus and backlight apparatus used therefor
31 8,514,348 Liquid crystal display device using light guide plate
32 8,514,335 Transceiver
33 8,514,153 Imaging device and method of correction pixel deterioration thereof
34 8,514,019 Distortion compensation amplifier
35 8,513,953 Power supply device and method for making decision as to contactor weld of power supply device
36 8,513,918 Vehicle battery control system having a voltage sensor that measures a voltage between a contactor and an inverter equipment
37 8,513,842 Heat radiation structure for rotary electromotor
38 8,513,838 Electric power tool
39 8,513,701 Manufacturing method for liquid crystal display device
40 8,513,534 Semiconductor device and bonding material
41 8,513,527 Superconducting circuit, production method of superconducting joints, superconducting magnet, and production method of superconducting magnet
42 8,512,819 Liquid crystal display device
43 8,512,590 Rotating machine, bonded magnet, magnet roll, and method for producing sintered ferrite magnet
44 8,512,544 Metal collection method and metal collection device
45 8,512,488 Ni–Fe based forging superalloy excellent in high-temperature strength and high-temperature ductility, method of manufacturing the same, and steam turbine rotor
46 8,512,436 Metal fine particles and manufacturing method therefor
47 8,511,834 Projection type display apparatus
48 8,511,758 Brake system
49 8,511,681 Paper sheets handling apparatus
50 8,511,666 Paper sheets storage and paper sheets handling apparatus
51 8,511,258 Coal boiler and coal boiler combustion method