Hitachi patents granted on 20 December 2011

44 US patents granted on 20 December 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D650,824 Lamp for projector
2 D650,823 Lamp for projector
3 D650,822 Image display with projector
4 D650,740 Battery bracket for construction machine
5 D650,643 Hedge trimmer
6 8,082,579 Access server and connection restriction method
7 8,082,469 Virtual computer system, error recovery method in virtual computer system, and virtual computer control program
8 8,082,466 Storage device, and data path failover method of internal network of storage controller
9 8,082,409 Data storage device and data management method in data storage device
10 8,082,394 Computer system, storage system and method for extending volume capacity
11 8,082,389 Apparatus and method for mirroring data between nonvolatile memory and a hard disk drive
12 8,082,338 Storage network system, managing apparatus, managing method and program
13 8,082,232 Recovery method using CDP
14 8,082,126 Remote maintenance system, monitoring center computer used for the same, monitoring system and method of communication for maintenance
15 8,082,006 Base station, receiving apparatus, and receiver trouble diagnosing method
16 8,081,961 Network management apparatus and method of selecting base station for software update
17 8,081,800 Detection device of vehicle interior condition
18 8,081,758 Communication support server, communication support method, and communication support system
19 8,081,640 Network system, network management server, and access filter reconfiguration method
20 8,081,559 Recording and reproducing apparatus and recording medium
21 8,081,550 Optical pickup device
22 8,081,543 Optical disc apparatus and focus control method
23 8,081,542 Thermally-assisted recording (TAR) disk drive with patterned multilevel media and laser with power modulation
24 8,081,498 Internal combustion engine controller
25 8,081,472 Electric circuit device, electric circuit module, and power converter
26 8,081,442 Removable data-storage device
27 8,081,405 Current-perpendicular-to-plane (CPP) read sensor with smoothened multiple reference layers
28 8,081,402 Magnetoresistive head having a current screen layer for confining current therein and method of manufacture thereof
29 8,081,399 Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with enhancement capacitor on slider body for write current overshoot at write current switching
30 8,081,168 On-screen input image display system
31 8,081,148 Display device
32 8,080,959 Motor driving circuit
33 8,080,790 Scanning electron microscope
34 8,080,789 Sample dimension measuring method and scanning electron microscope
35 8,080,786 Mass spectrometer
36 8,080,449 Method for manufacturing thin-film transistors
37 8,080,333 Battery pack
38 8,080,328 Secondary battery module having connection breal off mechanism in case of abnormal battery operation
39 8,079,956 Ultrasonographic device and ultrasonographic method
40 8,079,345 High pressure fuel supply control system for internal combustion engine
41 8,079,323 Liquid wiping apparatus
42 8,079,138 Mounting apparatus for electronic components
43 8,079,137 Mounting apparatus for electronic components
44 8,079,125 Manufacturing method of multi-channel optical module