Hitachi patents granted on 20 March 2012

67 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D656,153 Computer display with graphical user interface
2 8,141,135 Information processing system, terminal, information processing apparatus, and management server
3 8,140,917 Stream recovery method, stream recovery program and failure recovery apparatus
4 8,140,913 Apparatus and method for monitoring computer system, taking dependencies into consideration
5 8,140,864 Computer system, storage system, and data management method for updating encryption key
6 8,140,810 Storage management command control in virtualized environment
7 8,140,802 Storage system and storage system data migration method
8 8,140,800 Storage apparatus
9 8,140,790 Failure management method in thin provisioning technology for storage
10 8,140,789 Method for remote backup and storage system
11 8,140,776 Computer system comprising storage operation permission management
12 8,140,754 Methods and apparatus for managing HDD’s spin-down and spin-up in tiered storage systems
13 8,140,749 Storage control apparatus with memory backup device
14 8,140,720 Method of setting communication path in storage system, and management apparatus therefor
15 8,140,472 Method for allocating logical unit inside storage system to logical volume and storage controller
16 8,140,106 Peak factor reduction device and base station
17 8,140,075 Wireless communication system, server and mobile station therefor
18 8,139,950 Passive optical network system, optical line terminator and, communication method of passive optical network system
19 8,139,933 Imaging device
20 8,139,927 Information recording apparatus and information recording method
21 8,139,868 Image processing method for determining matching position between template and search image
22 8,139,847 Defect inspection tool and method of parameter tuning for defect inspection tool
23 8,139,845 Evaluation object pattern determining apparatus, evaluation object pattern determining method, evaluation object pattern determining program and pattern evaluating system
24 8,139,841 Visual inspection method and apparatus and image analysis system
25 8,139,829 Diagnostic imaging support system and diagnostic imaging support program
26 8,139,576 Network routing apparatus
27 8,139,493 On-vehicle gateway device, method for controlling an on-vehicle gateway device, connection device and connection control method
28 8,139,454 Recording and reproducing apparatus and method
29 8,139,449 Method and apparatus for eliminating errors in a seek operation on a recording medium
30 8,139,448 Slider with integrated thermally-assisted recording (TAR) head and vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) with angled external cavity
31 8,139,332 Level conversion circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device employing the level conversion circuit
32 8,139,327 Semiconductor integrated circuit
33 8,139,324 Magnetic read head having a non-magnetic electrode layer and a magnetic read write system
34 8,139,321 Perpendicular magnetic recording write head with improved laminated main pole
35 8,139,320 Write head having independent side shield and trailing shield throat height
36 8,139,319 Perpendicular magnetic recording system with magnetic precession for fast switching of perpendicular write pole magnetization
37 8,139,309 Negative biasing a slider with respect to a disk to reduce slider wear and provide burnish rate control
38 8,139,194 Display device having particular pixels and signal wiring internal circuits
39 8,139,177 Liquid crystal display device
40 8,139,173 Liquid crystal display
41 8,139,127 Imaging apparatus
42 8,139,037 Liquid crystal display device with touch screen
43 8,138,959 Radio wave absorption material and radio wave absorber
44 8,138,945 Sensor node
45 8,138,758 Method of controlling a magnetoresistive device using an electric field pulse
46 8,138,606 Wiring conductor, method for fabricating same, terminal connecting assembly, and Pb-free solder alloy
47 8,138,516 Light emitting diode
48 8,138,268 Adhesive composition, circuit connecting material, connecting structure for circuit member, and semiconductor device
49 8,137,943 Heat-resistant DNA ligase with high reactivity
50 8,137,856 Fuel cell
51 8,137,840 Nonaqueous secondary battery and method of using the same
52 8,137,594 Zinc oxide thin film, transparent conductive film and display device using the same
53 8,137,571 Method for manufacturing perpendicular magnetic recording head
54 8,137,570 Additive write pole process for wrap around shield
55 8,137,489 Copper alloy material and a method for fabricating the same
56 8,137,238 Gearshift controller for industrial vehicle
57 8,137,159 Abrasive, method of polishing target member and process for producing semiconductor device
58 8,137,125 Conductor connection structure
59 8,137,047 Double-arm working machine
60 8,136,951 Projection type display apparatus and optical unit with optical coupling lens
61 8,136,900 Inkjet recording apparatus
62 8,136,575 Twin-roll continuous casting machine and rolling equipment
63 8,136,355 Pump control apparatus for hydraulic work machine, pump control method and construction machine
64 8,136,344 Fuel control device and fuel control method
65 8,136,228 Method for manufacturing a magnetic write head
66 8,136,227 Method for making a magnetic head having a non-GMR shunt
67 8,136,226 Read sensors and methods of making same with back-edge milling and refilling