Hitachi patents granted on 20 May 2008

61 US patents granted on 20 May 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D569,286 Biometrics input unit
2 7,376,962 Driving device for objective lens and optical pick up using the same
3 7,376,865 Mapping apparatus for backup and restoration of multi-generation recovered snapshots
4 7,376,804 Storage system, backup system, and backup method
5 7,376,787 Disk array system
6 7,376,786 Command stack management in a disk drive
7 7,376,785 Storage device and write access processing method for storage device
8 7,376,784 System and method for selecting command for execution in HDD based on benefit
9 7,376,766 Method and apparatus for managing I/O paths on a storage network
10 7,376,746 Method and program for disclosing and providing services on network
11 7,376,726 Storage path control method
12 7,376,540 Analytical shell-model producing apparatus
13 7,376,498 Vehicle controller
14 7,376,486 Board positioning device and board positioning method
15 7,376,479 Process monitoring device for sample processing apparatus and control method of sample processing apparatus
16 7,376,315 Optical fiber, optical fiber connecting method, and optical connector
17 7,376,292 Optical fiber sensor, manufacturing method thereof, and collision detection device
18 7,376,120 Radio base station synchronizing responsive to conditions being met
19 7,376,085 Packet transferring method and apparatus that employs the same
20 7,376,057 Disk recording apparatus and disk recording method
21 7,376,040 Backup circuit for holding information in a storage circuit when power cut-off occurs
22 7,376,015 Nonvolatile memory, semiconductor device, and method of programming to nonvolatile memory
23 7,375,932 Disk drive read head for reading cross-track magnetizations
24 7,375,931 Magnetic recording head with ESD shunt trace
25 7,375,917 Idle seek calibration method for magnetic disk drive and magnetic disk drive with an intermission calibration
26 7,375,916 Magnetic recording disk drive with multiple feedforward controllers for rotational vibration cancellation
27 7,375,914 Disk drive with improved method for operating a thermal head fly-height actuator
28 7,375,913 Suspension having magnetic head assembly mounted thereon and magnetic recording disk drive using the suspension
29 7,375,786 Liquid crystal display device and method of making same
30 7,375,771 Receiver having a function to tune and set a channel and channel setup method
31 7,375,761 Receiver having motion picture data decoder
32 7,375,725 Display device
33 7,375,702 Method for driving plasma display panel
34 7,375,615 Personal authentication system
35 7,375,588 Transmission amplifier
36 7,375,538 Method of inspecting pattern and inspecting instrument
37 7,375,518 Structure for reducing noise in magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
38 7,375,510 Rotational position sensor and electronically controlled throttle device and internal combustion engine
39 7,375,447 Power tool
40 7,375,330 Charged particle beam equipment
41 7,375,329 Scanning electron microscope
42 7,375,323 Electron beam apparatus with aberration corrector
43 7,375,318 Mass spectrometer
44 7,375,316 Mass spectrometer and mass spectrometry
45 7,375,155 Low dielectric loss tangent resin composition, curable film and cured product, electrical part using the same and method for production thereof
46 7,374,881 Method for collecting and using nuclear mRNA
47 7,374,831 Magnetic recording medium
48 7,374,726 Chemical reactor
49 7,374,720 Control device for automatic liquid handling system
50 7,374,621 System and method for cleaning chemistry and processing during thin film magnetic head wafer fabrication
51 7,374,618 Group III nitride semiconductor substrate
52 7,374,474 Polishing pad for CMP, method for polishing substrate using it and method for producing polishing pad for CMP
53 7,374,417 Stamper and transfer apparatus
54 7,374,411 Oil pump adapted to prevent leakage without using sealing member
55 7,374,101 Adapter panel, electronic equipment, and cable connector identification system
56 7,374,011 Power steering apparatus
57 7,374,000 Electric generating system for automobiles and its control method
58 7,373,899 Plasma processing apparatus using active matching
59 7,373,866 Cutter with laser generator that irradiates cutting position on workpiece to facilitate alignment of blade with cutting position
60 7,373,815 Thermal type flow measuring instrument with mold casing in metal insert
61 7,373,773 Gas turbine installation, cooling air supplying method and method of modifying a gas turbine installation