Hitachi patents granted on 20 November 2007

52 US patents granted on 20 November 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,299,392 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of design of semiconductor integrated circuit device
2 7,299,333 Computer system with storage system having re-configurable logical volumes
3 7,299,322 Computer system, storage device and method providing intra-storage volume identifiers corresponding to intra-host volume identifiers through volume switching commands
4 7,299,197 Electronic mail system
5 7,299,186 Speech input system, speech portal server, and speech input terminal
6 7,299,147 Systems for managing production information
7 7,299,124 Control unit
8 7,299,058 Position calculation method and storage medium storing a program therefor
9 7,298,972 Optical switch and a control method thereof
10 7,298,878 Image diagnosis supporting device
11 7,298,752 Packet communication device
12 7,298,720 Packet communication system, communication network, and method for selecting IP address in mobile node
13 7,298,681 High-frequency superimposing method and optical disk apparatus using it
14 7,298,679 Write power determining method and write power control method for optical disk drive
15 7,298,662 Semiconductor device with power down arrangement for reduce power consumption
16 7,298,597 Magnetoresistive sensor based on spin accumulation effect with free layer stabilized by in-stack orthogonal magnetic coupling
17 7,298,595 Differential GMR sensor with multi-layer bias structure between free layers of first and second self-pinned GMR sensors
18 7,298,594 Electric-field-effect magnetoresistive devices and electronic devices using the magnetoresistive devices
19 7,298,591 Rotating disk storage device with a retracting actuator head suspension assembly
20 7,298,575 Load/unload systems and methods for maximizing disk writeable area
21 7,298,573 Magnetic disk drive with offset detection of composite magnetic head
22 7,298,571 Method and a system for maintaining an acceptable level of relative humidity inside of a disk drive
23 7,298,567 Efficient low dropout linear regulator
24 7,298,566 Data storage device and control method therefor involving flying height
25 7,298,449 Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
26 7,298,430 Liquid crystal display device
27 7,298,259 Sensor network system and data retrieval method for sensing data
28 7,298,257 Transportation device and method of living tissues
29 7,298,256 Crisis monitoring system
30 7,298,081 Display apparatus with shell-structured vacuum seal
31 7,298,080 Display device
32 7,298,039 Electronic circuit device
33 7,298,029 Semiconductor devices and manufacturing method therefor
34 7,297,982 Semiconductor device including a TFT having large-grain polycrystalline active layer, LCD employing the same and method of fabricating them
35 7,297,967 Particle beam irradiation system and method of adjusting irradiation apparatus
36 7,297,958 Radiological imaging apparatus
37 7,297,955 Semiconductor radiation detector, positron emission tomography apparatus, semiconductor radiation detection apparatus, detector unit and nuclear medicine diagnostic apparatus
38 7,297,954 Inorganic scintillator, and radiation detector and PET apparatus employing it
39 7,297,945 Defective product inspection apparatus, probe positioning method and probe moving method
40 7,297,470 Image transfer process for thin film component definition
41 7,297,464 Radiation curable composition, storing method thereof, forming method of cured film, patterning method, use of pattern, electronic components and optical waveguide
42 7,297,447 Non-aqueous electrolyte battery
43 7,297,434 Fuel cell
44 7,297,377 Liquid crystal display devices
45 7,296,783 Vacuum processing apparatus
46 7,296,618 Liquid cooling system and electronic apparatus using the same
47 7,296,429 Air-conditioning system and method of installing energy recovery apparatus
48 7,296,420 Direct cooling pallet tray for temperature stability for deep ion mill etch process
49 7,296,389 System, method, and apparatus for removing covers from shipping containers
50 7,296,338 Method and apparatus for providing a reverse air bearing surface head with trailing shield design for perpendicular recording
51 7,296,337 Notched trailing shield for perpendicular write head
52 7,296,323 Dust collector