Hitachi patents granted on 20 November 2012

41 US patents granted on 20 November 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,316,365 Computer system
2 8,316,248 Virtual PC management method, virtual PC management system, and virtual PC management program
3 8,316,205 Storage system, copy method, and primary storage apparatus
4 8,316,203 Storage system and method implementing online volume and snapshot with performance/failure independence and high capacity efficiency
5 8,316,199 Data processing control method, information processing apparatus, and data processing control system
6 8,316,198 Data processing system
7 8,316,195 Storage system and data transfer method of storage system
8 8,316,065 Data migration system and data migration method
9 8,315,982 Method, apparatus, program and system for migrating NAS system
10 8,315,783 Engine control device for working vehicle
11 8,315,780 High pressure fuel pump control apparatus for internal combustion engine
12 8,315,747 Electronic device comprising fuel cell power system
13 8,315,671 Radio communication method and radio base transmission station
14 8,315,668 Mobile communication system and access gateway having plural user plane AGWS
15 8,315,577 Multiband high-frequency circuit, multiband high-frequency circuit device and multiband communications apparatus comprising same
16 8,315,527 Passive optical network system and optical line terminal
17 8,315,511 Finger authentication device
18 8,315,394 Techniques for encrypting data on storage devices using an intermediate key
19 8,315,338 Orthogonality detector, and quadrature demodulator and sampling quadrature demodulator using detector thereof
20 8,315,153 Wireless communications equipments with function of detecting random access signal, wireless communications systems with function of detecting random access signal and method of random access signal detection
21 8,315,147 Multilayer optical recording medium having three or more recording layers with reduced interlayer crosstalk
22 8,315,142 Optical disk apparatus and its reproducing method
23 8,315,131 Optical disc apparatus and back off control method for objective lens
24 8,315,016 Head slider, head assembly, and magnetic disk device
25 8,315,009 System and method for changing resonant frequency in hard disk drive components
26 8,314,930 Inspection device and inspection method
27 8,314,929 Method and its apparatus for inspecting defects
28 8,314,894 Projection type table display
29 8,314,825 Laser direct imaging apparatus and imaging method
30 8,314,761 Display device
31 8,314,342 Winding applied single vacuum pressure impregnation insulation system, a winding applied global vacuum pressure impregnation insulation system and an electrical rotating machine having said insulation systems
32 8,314,032 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
33 8,313,983 Fabrication method for resin-encapsulated semiconductor device
34 8,313,806 Vapor deposition method and apparatus
35 8,313,695 Automatic analyzer
36 8,313,436 Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging
37 8,313,312 Screw compressor
38 8,313,290 Centrifugal compressor having vaneless diffuser and vaneless diffuser thereof
39 8,313,199 Projection display system including lens group and reflecting mirror
40 8,313,012 Electric driving machine
41 8,312,793 Hydraulic pressure supply device for industrial vehicle