Hitachi patents granted on 20 October 2009

57 US patents granted on 20 October 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D602,496 Graphical user interface for a computer display
2 7,607,140 Device management system
3 7,607,039 Data storage device with re-allocation processing which determines an order in which re-allocation processing is executed for defective sectors
4 7,607,035 Disk array apparatus and method for controlling the same
5 7,606,990 Snapshot system
6 7,606,984 Fiber channel connection storage controller
7 7,606,948 System and method for generating warranty and pricing information for data storage apparatus
8 7,606,940 Remote copy system
9 7,606,914 Session QoS control apparatus
10 7,606,913 Presence management apparatus
11 7,606,871 System and method for virtualizing network storages into a single file system view
12 7,606,859 Multimedia communication system
13 7,606,806 Security method and system for storage subsystem
14 7,606,493 Optical waveguide and optical multiplexer-demultiplexer
15 7,606,491 ONU management method and optical line termination
16 7,606,454 Optical fiber array, optical component and optical switch using the optical fiber array
17 7,606,409 Data processing equipment, inspection assistance system, and data processing method
18 7,606,227 Method, apparatus and system for distributing multicast data
19 7,606,198 Handoff control method and a mobile station employing the same
20 7,606,153 Storage system and information processing system
21 7,606,148 Packet forwarding apparatus
22 7,606,126 Information recording method and information recording medium
23 7,606,120 Objective lens, optical head, optical system, and design method for objective lens
24 7,606,065 Three-dimensional magnetic memory having bits transferrable between storage layers
25 7,606,009 Read sensor stabilized by bidirectional anisotropy
26 7,606,007 Shield stabilization for magnetoresistive sensors
27 7,606,006 Magnetic recording head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the magnetic head
28 7,606,004 Rotating disk storage device with actuator lock mechanism
29 7,605,996 Method and system for detecting a change in a rotational velocity of a magnetic disk or a spindle coupled to the magnetic disk
30 7,605,993 Write current boosted head amplifier
31 7,605,981 Display unit, display method and equipment using thereof
32 7,605,900 Liquid crystal display device
33 7,605,898 Liquid crystal display device having rectangular-shaped pixel electrodes overlapping with comb-shaped counter electrodes in plan view
34 7,605,876 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
35 7,605,778 Plasma display panel and display employing the same having transparent intermediate electrodes and metal barrier ribs
36 7,605,698 Sensor network system and data retrieval method for sensing data
37 7,605,587 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
38 7,605,540 Plasma display panels and plasma display devices which use the panel
39 7,605,517 Claw pole rotating electric machine
40 7,605,513 Electric tool having electric motor with first and second coils having first and second coil bundles of different innermost peripheral length
41 7,605,452 Semiconductor light-emitting device, semiconductor light-emitting module, and method of manufacturing the semiconductor light-emitting module
42 7,605,381 Charged particle beam alignment method and charged particle beam apparatus
43 7,605,364 Sample and method for evaluating resolution of scanning electron microscope, and electron scanning microscope
44 7,605,345 Method and device for prevention of adhesion of dirt and contamination on optical parts in laser beam machine
45 7,605,006 Method of manufacturing a magnetic head
46 7,604,898 Positive electrode material, its manufacturing method and lithium secondary battery
47 7,604,868 Electronic circuit including circuit-connecting material
48 7,604,838 Method of making stably preserved microspheres in lower alcohol solvent
49 7,604,836 Release layer and resist material for master tool and stamper tool
50 7,604,709 Plasma processing apparatus
51 7,604,600 Ultrasonic imaging device
52 7,604,484 Circuit board including arrangement for measuring current through a junction part or connector of said circuit board
53 7,604,468 Press machine and method for producing magnet
54 7,604,458 Axial flow pump and diagonal flow pump
55 7,604,130 Flat membrane element and regeneration method thereof
56 7,603,872 Heat-pump hot water supply apparatus
57 7,603,762 Optical lapping guide for use in the manufacture of perpendicular magnetic write heads