Hitachi patents granted on 20 October 2015

40 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,167,435 Apparatus for supporting layout of wireless base stations in building
2 9,167,265 Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
3 9,167,262 Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images
4 9,166,874 Communication network system and communication network configuration method
5 9,166,501 Power supply unit for converting power between DC and AC and operating method of the same
6 9,166,492 Multilevel voltage source converter and method for balancing capacitors
7 9,166,474 Power supply device with switching control device controlling switching based on pulse control signal
8 9,166,464 Magnetic gear device and holding member
9 9,166,461 Automotive alternator having a heat dissipating plate
10 9,166,251 Battery separator and nonaqueous electrolyte battery
11 9,166,250 Separator for battery, method for manufacturing the same, and lithium secondary battery
12 9,166,207 Secondary battery module with water cooling jacket
13 9,165,777 Polishing agent and method for polishing substrate using the polishing agent
14 9,165,761 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device, method for processing substrate, substrate processing apparatus and recording medium
15 9,165,741 Charged particle beam device, method for adjusting charged particle beam device, and method for inspecting or observing sample
16 9,165,697 Peroxide crosslinked resin composition and electric wire and cable using same
17 9,165,691 Burnable poison materials and apparatuses for nuclear reactors and methods of using the same
18 9,165,586 Magnetic recording medium
19 9,165,386 Magnetic resonance imaging device, and method for generating magnetic susceptibility enhanced image
20 9,165,374 Image processing device that performs tracking control
21 9,165,363 Image diagnostic device and image correction method
22 9,165,356 Defect inspection method and defect inspection device
23 9,165,214 Image processing device and computer program
24 9,165,041 Products information management assistance apparatus
25 9,164,941 Storage system group
26 9,164,880 Method and apparatus for offloading storage workload
27 9,164,696 Electronic control unit for vehicle and data communication method
28 9,164,693 Remote copy system and remote copy control method
29 9,164,578 Input device for operating graphical user interface
30 9,164,112 Automatic analyzer
31 9,164,042 Device for detecting foreign matter and method for detecting foreign matter
32 9,163,840 Gas turbine combustor and fuel supply method used for the same
33 9,163,309 Substrate processing apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
34 9,163,299 Device for producing titanium metal, and method for producing titanium metal
35 9,163,162 Polishing agent, polishing agent set and method for polishing base
36 9,162,928 Method for producing sintered ferrite magnet, and sintered ferrite magnet
37 9,162,355 Mobile robot and travelling method for the same
38 9,162,081 Beam monitor system and particle beam irradiation system
39 9,161,999 Electron beam sterilization equipment for containers that uses revolving transport device
40 9,161,736 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and elasticity image display method