Hitachi patents granted on 21 April 2009

56 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,523,287 Storage system and method for restricting access to virtual memory area by management host, and program for executing the same
2 7,523,258 Disk array apparatus and method for controlling the same
3 7,523,254 Method for analyzing performance information
4 7,523,253 Storage system comprising a plurality of tape media one of which corresponding to a virtual disk
5 7,523,148 Storage system
6 7,522,922 Mobile communication terminal, base station and registration control method
7 7,522,787 Optical fiber sheet and its manufacturing method
8 7,522,692 Isolator and a modem device using the isolator
9 7,522,602 Packet transfer apparatus with the function of flow detection and flow management method
10 7,522,592 Packet transfer unit
11 7,522,591 Policy settable peer-to-peer session apparatus
12 7,522,502 Data read/write device and data read/write method
13 7,522,426 Storage controller
14 7,522,392 Magnetoresistive sensor based on spin accumulation effect with terminal connection at back end of sensor
15 7,522,391 Current perpendicular to plane magnetoresistive sensor having a shape enhanced pinned layer and an in stack bias structure
16 7,522,387 Thin film magnetic head and fabrication process for preventing short-circuit failure in a narrow track width and narrow gap length
17 7,522,385 Rotating disk storage device with suppressed arm fluttering
18 7,522,381 Recording medium built-in cartridge and cartridge built-in package
19 7,522,375 Magnetic disk drive with cover seal and method for fabricating same
20 7,522,262 Method for determining position of reference point
21 7,522,251 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
22 7,522,249 Display device
23 7,522,246 Liquid crystal display device with one pixel electrode having a plurality of generally circular patterns in each pixel region
24 7,522,146 Scanning-line selecting circuit and display device using the same
25 7,522,129 Plasma display device
26 7,522,092 Radar apparatus and radar system for a vehicle
27 7,522,083 Semiconductor device having D/A conversion portion
28 7,522,026 Alignment method and system for electromagnet in high-energy accelerator
29 7,522,015 Switch circuit, front end module and radio terminal including switch circuit
30 7,522,013 Non-reciprocal circuit device
31 7,521,998 Operational amplifier and scanning electron microscope using the same
32 7,521,929 NMR system and probe positioning method
33 7,521,892 Cordless power tool with overcurrent protection circuit permitting the overcurrent condition during specified time periods
34 7,521,887 Vector controller for a permanent magnet synchronous motor, inverter module, and permanent magnet synchronous motor constant display system
35 7,521,867 Plasma display panel and method of driving and plasma display apparatus
36 7,521,832 Rotating electric machine having rotor embedded-permanent-magnets with inner-end magnetic gaps and outer-end magnetic gaps, and electric car using the same electric machine
37 7,521,829 Electric rotating machine and manufacturing method of the same
38 7,521,716 Electrode substrate, thin-film transistor, display and its production method
39 7,521,703 Automatic analyzer
40 7,521,695 Scanning electron microscope
41 7,521,679 Inspection method and inspection system using charged particle beam
42 7,521,676 Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects and mirror electron projection type or multi-beam scanning type electron beam apparatus
43 7,521,675 Charged particle beam apparatus
44 7,521,650 Laser machining apparatus
45 7,521,524 Polymerization method and polymerization apparatus
46 7,521,011 Semiconductor-sealing-purpose epoxy resin compound producing method
47 7,520,855 Biological tissue elasticity measurement method and ultrasonographic device
48 7,520,742 Nanoprint equipment and method of making fine structure
49 7,520,674 Magnetic disk device with rotor supported by fluid bearing
50 7,520,615 Display apparatus and image pickup apparatus
51 7,520,375 Bill handling machine
52 7,520,261 Apparatus for and method of controlling intake operation of an internal combustion engine
53 7,520,260 Multistage fuel-injection internal combustion engine
54 7,520,157 Impulse sensor
55 7,520,104 Friction stir welding member
56 7,520,048 Method of fabricating a GMR head