Hitachi patents granted on 21 April 2015

51 US patents granted on 21 April 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D727,528 Portion of a biochemical analyzer
2 D727,504 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
3 D727,261 Case for a process control instrument
4 9,015,658 Automatic program generation device and automatic program generation method
5 9,015,526 Restoring method and computer system
6 9,015,442 Computing device system and information managing method for rearrangement of data based on access characteristic related to a task
7 9,015,435 Storage management system and storage management method
8 9,015,412 Management system and management method of storage system that performs control based on required performance assigned to virtual volume
9 9,015,410 Storage control apparatus unit and storage system comprising multiple storage control apparatus units
10 9,015,373 Storage apparatus and method of controlling storage apparatus
11 9,015,214 Process of generating a list of files added, changed, or deleted of a file server
12 9,015,131 Information management method, and computer for providing information
13 9,015,111 Storage system and storage system control method
14 9,014,949 Apparatus for and method of controlling internal combustion engine
15 9,014,898 Electrically driven dump truck
16 9,014,745 Radio communication system, radio communication method, and base station
17 9,014,737 Configuration of CSI-RS resources by network for enabling CoMP
18 9,014,668 Mobile terminal device and data sending/receiving system
19 9,014,115 Method and apparatus for handling downlink reference signal interference to PDSCH in long term evolution coordinated multipoint transmission
20 9,014,109 Method and apparatus for bit-level PDSCH muting and/or receiver puncturing in LTE-advanced heterogeneous networks
21 9,013,972 Optical information recording and reproducing method and device
22 9,013,877 Power semiconductor device
23 9,013,582 Television camera device
24 9,013,572 Method for observing sample and electronic microscope
25 9,013,571 Image processing device, measuring/testing system, and program
26 9,013,289 Display device for work machine
27 9,013,263 Wound iron core for static apparatus, amorphous transformer and coil winding frame for transformer
28 9,013,128 Brushless motor drive device
29 9,013,026 Group III nitride semiconductor crystal, group III nitride semiconductor substrate, group III nitride semiconductor freestanding substrate, nitride semiconductor device, and rectifier diode
30 9,012,873 Treatment planning system, device for calculating a scanning path and particle therapy system
31 9,012,842 Charged particle beam device and inclined observation image display method
32 9,012,841 Specimen holder for observing cross section of specimen and method for controlling the same
33 9,012,615 Methods for characterizing kidney function
34 9,012,323 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, method of processing substrate, substrate processing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
35 9,012,028 Optical resin composition, optical resin material using the same, optical
36 9,011,757 Aluminum-titanate-based ceramic honeycomb structure, its production method, and starting material powder for producing same
37 9,011,624 Adhesive sheet and method for manufacturing adhesive sheets
38 9,011,601 Substrate processing apparatus
39 9,011,119 Variable displacement pump
40 9,011,084 Steam turbine stator vane and steam turbine using the same
41 9,011,065 Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method of vacuum processing apparatus
42 9,011,042 Floating body connection-type flap gate
43 9,010,626 Paper money receiving/dispensing mechanism and automatic teller machine
44 9,010,483 Power steering device and backlash adjuster
45 9,010,302 Control apparatus of a direct injection gasoline engine
46 9,010,299 Engine tool
47 9,010,297 Aluminum alloy member, aluminum alloy piston for internal combustion engine and manufacturing method thereof
48 9,010,284 Engine and engine power tool
49 9,010,281 Hot water supply system
50 9,010,107 Electric booster
51 9,010,088 Working machine