Hitachi patents granted on 21 August 2007

49 US patents granted on 21 August 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE39,776 Vacuum processing apparatus and operating method with wafers, substrates and/or semiconductors
2 RE39,775 Vacuum processing operating method with wafers, substrates and/or semiconductors
3 D549,260 Video camera with digital video disc player
4 D549,195 Television
5 7,260,839 System and method for secure wall
6 7,260,699 Method, device and program for managing volume
7 7,260,696 Data reallocation among storage systems
8 7,260,680 Storage apparatus having microprocessor redundancy for recovery from soft errors
9 7,260,669 Semiconductor integrated circuits
10 7,260,657 Serial data transferring apparatus
11 7,260,656 Storage system having a plurality of controllers
12 7,260,634 Storage device band control apparatus, method, and program
13 7,260,628 Event notification in storage networks
14 7,260,625 Data center system and method for controlling the same
15 7,260,613 Storage system, disk control cluster including channel interface units, disk interface units, local shared memory units, and connection portions, and a method of increasing of disk control cluster
16 7,260,578 Database-file link system and method therefor
17 7,260,502 Diagnosis method for boiler degradation, diagnosis apparatus for boiler degradation, diagnosis system for boiler degradation and recording medium that records operation program
18 7,260,451 Air conditioner management system and converter unit therefor
19 7,260,313 Storage medium, recording apparatus, playback apparatus, recording method, and computer-readable storage medium
20 7,260,306 Editing method for recorded information
21 7,260,237 Method and system for generating data of an application with a picture
22 7,260,176 X-ray sensor signal processor and X-ray computed tomography system using the same
23 7,260,173 Apparatus and method for detecting threats
24 7,260,057 Data transmission system
25 7,260,033 Optical reproducing apparatus
26 7,259,942 Three terminal magnetic sensor having an in-stack longitudinal biasing layer structure in the collector or emitter region
27 7,259,941 Magnetoresistive sensor having a high coercivity hard bias structure
28 7,259,936 Glass substrate for a magnetic disk, a magnetic disk which can be formed with a stable texture and a magnetic disk device
29 7,259,935 Magnetic tape including an intermediate layer consisting essentially of a binder
30 7,259,929 Device and signal processing circuit for magnetic recording, magnetic recording apparatus
31 7,259,928 System and method for writing servo track in sealed HDD
32 7,259,926 Digital information recording/reproducing apparatus
33 7,259,866 Semiconductor fabricating apparatus with function of determining etching processing state
34 7,259,822 Image display device
35 7,259,817 Liquid crystal display device and partial transmission type liquid crystal display device
36 7,259,711 Vehicle control apparatus
37 7,259,570 Magnetic signal measurement apparatus
38 7,259,511 Flat panel display device with surfaces of cathodes and control electrodes lying in the same flat plane
39 7,259,465 Semiconductor device with lead-free solder
40 7,259,104 Sample surface processing method
41 7,258,976 Method of preparing cell lysate
42 7,258,918 Method for connecting electrodes, surface-treated wiring board and adhesive film used in the method, and electrode-connected structure
43 7,258,772 Oxygen sensor and method of manufacturing same
44 7,258,771 Air/fuel ratio detection apparatus
45 7,258,586 Method for manufacturing an organic electroluminescence display
46 7,258,293 Wood crusher and wood treating method
47 7,258,099 Internal combustion engine control method
48 7,257,914 Display system
49 7,257,880 Method for assembling an actuator head suspension