Hitachi patents granted on 21 August 2012

71 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE43,600 External storage control device and data transfer method between external storage control devices
2 D665,681 Cartridge for an ion density measuring instrument
3 8,250,591 Tray of optical disk device and optical disk device including the same
4 8,250,539 Method of detecting memory leak causing portion and execution program thereof
5 8,250,453 Storage apparatus and data verification method in storage apparatus
6 8,250,400 Method and apparatus for monitoring data-processing system
7 8,250,390 Power estimating method and computer system
8 8,250,380 Implementing secure erase for solid state drives
9 8,250,376 Method and apparatus for cryptographic conversion in a data storage system
10 8,250,327 Storage apparatus and its control method
11 8,250,318 Storage controller and storage control method for accessing storage devices in sub-block units
12 8,250,317 Storage system managing information in accordance with changes in the storage system configuration
13 8,250,284 Adaptive memory allocation of a second data storage volume based on an updated history of capacity of a first data volume
14 8,250,259 Method of setting communication path in storage system, and management apparatus therefor
15 8,250,240 Message conversion method and message conversion system
16 8,250,205 Business process management system, method thereof, process management computer and program thereof
17 8,250,180 Content delivery apparatus and content delivery method using the same
18 8,250,110 Data transfer method and proxy server, and storage subsystem
19 8,250,031 Low traffic failback remote copy
20 8,249,909 System and method for visualizing the construction progress of scaffolding utilizing 3D CAD models
21 8,249,817 Chromatograph analyzing device
22 8,249,765 Drive system for electrically driven dump truck
23 8,249,648 Mobile telecommunication terminal, communication system, and computer readable storage medium
24 8,249,458 Optical communication system and method for operating the same
25 8,249,455 Passive optical network system and ranging method
26 8,249,454 Optical communication system and optical line terminating apparatus
27 8,249,420 Reproducing device
28 8,249,217 Inverter device and X-ray high-voltage device using the inverter device
29 8,249,195 Wireless communication apparatus with a plurality of antenna elements
30 8,249,155 Transcoder, recorder, and transcoding method
31 8,248,893 Energy-assisted magnetic-recording head having a magnetic-recording assistance element disposed to lower magnetic-recording field for reversing magnetization in a magnetic-recording disk
32 8,248,782 Storage apparatus, storage controller for storage apparatus, chassis for storage controller
33 8,248,732 Head-gimbal assembly including a transmission-line structure for high-density magnetic recording
34 8,248,729 Slider with hook-shaped air compression mechanisms near trailing edge corners
35 8,248,725 System and method to electrically ground fluid dynamic bearings
36 8,248,724 Disk drive and method of re-injecting low density gas in a hermetically sealed disk enclosure of a disk drive
37 8,248,594 Surface inspection method and surface inspection apparatus
38 8,248,592 Defect inspection system
39 8,248,569 Display device
40 8,248,568 Liquid crystal display device
41 8,248,567 Display device with dummy signal line having a bend
42 8,248,562 Display panel having an antireflection layer
43 8,248,549 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
44 8,248,548 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
45 8,248,333 Display device
46 8,248,311 Planar array antenna and communication terminal and wireless module using the same
47 8,248,241 Assembly work supporting method and system
48 8,248,204 Tag detecting system, moving object detecting method, and entrance/exit management system
49 8,247,970 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same
50 8,247,940 Rotary electric machine with air gaps configured to cancel torque pulsations
51 8,247,902 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
52 8,247,817 Liquid crystal display device
53 8,247,725 Vacuum switchgear
54 8,247,699 Flex circuit assembly with a dummy trace between two signal traces
55 8,247,129 Solid oxide fuel cell for a power generation
56 8,247,074 Coated, fine metal particles comprising specific content of carbon and nitrogen, and their production method
57 8,247,071 Insulating coating composition and an insulated wire, and a coil formed using the same
58 8,246,908 Small size gene analysis apparatus
59 8,246,907 Automatic analyzer
60 8,246,810 DNA analysis method and DNA analyzer
61 8,246,806 Multi-capillary array electrophoresis device
62 8,246,803 Capillary electrophoresis apparatus and electrophoresis method
63 8,246,749 Substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device producing method
64 8,246,554 Living body inspection system, living body inspection apparatus, and living body inspection method
65 8,246,318 Water-cooled air compressor
66 8,246,123 Brake control system of motorcycle
67 8,246,046 Sheet handling device
68 8,245,749 Method and apparatus for manufacturing a head-gimbal assembly
69 8,245,678 Variable valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
70 8,245,389 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
71 8,245,346 Disc cleaning mechanism and disc cleaning device