Hitachi patents granted on 21 July 2009

38 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,565,664 Distributed object controlling method and its carrying out system
2 7,565,656 System, method and program for allocating computer resources
3 7,565,578 Optical disc apparatus, and method for self-diagnosis control of optical disc apparatus
4 7,565,574 System and method of volume health checking and recovery
5 7,565,572 Method for rolling back from snapshot with log
6 7,565,570 Disk array device and path failure detection method thereof
7 7,565,508 Allocating clusters to storage partitions in a storage system
8 7,565,503 Method and apparatus implementing virtualization for data migration with volume mapping based on configuration information and with efficient use of old assets
9 7,565,502 System managing a plurality of virtual volumes and a virtual volume management method for the system
10 7,565,501 Storage controller and data management method
11 7,565,500 Allocating storage area according to physical position information of a storage device
12 7,565,487 Computer system for managing data among virtual storage systems
13 7,565,439 Communication control for storage system
14 7,565,384 Method and apparatus for archive data validation in an archive system
15 7,565,255 Thermal flow meter and control system
16 7,565,238 Engine control device
17 7,565,192 Biological optical measurement system
18 7,565,061 Transmitting and recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus of information and its recording medium
19 7,565,013 Character recognition method, method of processing correction history of character data, and character recognition system
20 7,564,659 Magnetoresistive sensor having an anisotropic pinned layer for pinning improvement
21 7,564,656 Integrated servo and read EMR sensor
22 7,564,651 Integrated-lead suspension vibration-canceling member
23 7,564,645 Rotating disk storage device with mounting structure and enhanced fixing mechanism
24 7,564,516 Liquid crystal display device
25 7,564,294 Inverter apparatus
26 7,564,236 Thermal fly height induced shield instability screening for magnetoresistive heads
27 7,564,235 Determination of magnetic read head properties
28 7,564,110 Electrical lapping guides made from tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) material
29 7,564,071 Semiconductor light emitting device
30 7,563,381 High milling resistance write pole fabrication method for perpendicular recording
31 7,563,078 Reciprocating compressor
32 7,562,802 Friction stir welding method and structure body formed
33 7,562,746 Method, system, and display for elevator allocation using multi-dimensional coordinates
34 7,562,615 Hydraulic working machine
35 7,562,575 Impact-resistant acceleration sensor
36 7,562,564 Scanning probe microscope and sample observing method using this and semiconductor device production method
37 7,562,437 Method of manufacturing a wrap around shield for a perpendicular write pole using a laminated mask
38 7,562,436 Deposition defined trackwidth for very narrow trackwidth CPP device