Hitachi patents granted on 21 June 2011

58 US patents granted on 21 June 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D640,264 Graphical user interface for a display screen
2 7,966,539 Digital content protection systems and methods
3 7,966,517 Method and apparatus for virtual network attached storage remote migration
4 7,966,515 Method of achieving high reliability of network boot computer system
5 7,966,471 Storage controller and method for control of a data storage device
6 7,966,463 Asynchronous remote copy system and control method for the same
7 7,966,448 Storage apparatus and data writing method
8 7,966,386 Controlling method, computer system, and processing program of booting up a computer
9 7,966,357 Method, system, and apparatus for file server resource division
10 7,966,354 Method and computer for supporting construction of backup configuration
11 7,966,307 Document search method and document search apparatus that use a combination of index-type search and scan-type search
12 7,966,296 Storage system, storage controller and data compression method
13 7,965,873 Portable electronic apparatus and recording medium
14 7,965,768 Video signal encoding apparatus and computer readable medium with quantization control
15 7,965,765 Adjustment method, circuit, receiver circuit and transmission equipment of waveform equalization coefficient
16 7,965,724 Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method therefor
17 7,965,696 Information transmitting method and information transmitting system
18 7,965,611 Optical disk apparatus and starting method thereof
19 7,965,610 Optical pickup device
20 7,965,594 Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
21 7,965,590 Optical disc apparatus and offset adjustment method thereof
22 7,965,586 Magnetization detecting method and apparatus
23 7,965,563 Data line disturbance free memory block divided flash memory and microcomputer having flash memory therein
24 7,965,510 Power conversion apparatus and power module
25 7,965,502 Storage device
26 7,965,469 Tape cartridge and tape loading system using same
27 7,965,465 Techniques for storing shingle blocks in a cache memory using a data storage device
28 7,965,386 Method and its apparatus for inspecting defects
29 7,965,370 Liquid crystal display device
30 7,965,369 Display device
31 7,965,368 Display device comprising a semiconductor chip including a first terminal which overlaps a first and second line, the first terminal connected to the first line and overlapping and insulated from the second line
32 7,965,367 Display device having flexible printed circuit board with particular differential signal lines connection
33 7,965,349 Liquid crystal display device having particular flexible printed substrate
34 7,965,270 Display device including a data generating circuit to divide image data for one frame into a plurality of pieces of sub-field image data
35 7,965,261 Method for driving a gas electric discharge device
36 7,965,163 Reactor core and reactor
37 7,965,143 Digital phase detector and phase-locked loop
38 7,965,056 Control apparatus of power conversion system
39 7,965,022 Piezoelectric element
40 7,964,980 Wind turbine generator system
41 7,964,975 Metal-resin-boned structured body and resin-encapsulated semiconductor device, and fabrication method for them
42 7,964,849 Nuclear medical diagnosis apparatus
43 7,964,845 Charged particle beam device
44 7,964,509 Mass production method of semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method of electronic device
45 7,964,492 Semiconductor device and automotive AC generator
46 7,964,484 Semiconductor integrated circuit device with reduced leakage current
47 7,964,388 Chemical reaction device, chemical reaction system, and chemical reaction method
48 7,964,297 Adhesion layer for thin film magnetic recording medium
49 7,964,289 Formation method of metal layer on resin layer, printed wiring board, and production method thereof
50 7,964,140 Automatic analyzer
51 7,964,135 Method and apparatus for imprinting energy ray-setting resin, and discs and semiconductor devices with imprinted resin layer
52 7,963,825 Abrasive, method of polishing target member and process for producing semiconductor device
53 7,963,741 Motor and fan device using the same
54 7,963,568 Apparatus and method for repairing a core spray line elbow weld joint
55 7,963,566 Apparatus and method for repairing a core spray line pipe weld joint
56 7,963,161 Heating resistor type air flow rate measuring device utilizing an auxiliary passage
57 7,963,024 Method of manufacturing a magnetic write head for perpendicular magnetic recording
58 7,963,022 Method for joining components with shape memory alloys