Hitachi patents granted on 21 March 2006

61 US patents granted on 21 March 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,017,076 Apparatus and storage system for controlling acquisition of snapshot
2 7,017,027 Address counter control system with path switching
3 7,017,019 Method of managing generation of backup data and storage control device used therefor
4 7,017,007 Disk array device and remote copying control method for disk array device
5 7,017,003 Disk array apparatus and disk array apparatus control method
6 7,016,991 Direct access storage system having plural interfaces which permit receipt of block and file I/O requests
7 7,016,961 Computer system including a device with a plurality of identifiers
8 7,016,957 Distributed data processing system and error analysis information saving method appropriate therefor
9 7,016,890 Database system, method for forming replica of database, and computer-readable recording medium that records database replica forming program
10 7,016,812 Apparatus and control method for intelligent sensor device
11 7,016,807 Device and method for monitoring a program execution
12 7,016,665 Charging method and terminal equipment in the information and communication network system
13 7,016,653 Radio terminal
14 7,016,442 Demodulation method
15 7,016,373 Packet switching apparatus
16 7,016,298 Signal transmission/reception system of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
17 7,016,282 Information recording method and optical disk unit
18 7,016,246 Three-transistor refresh-free pipelined dynamic random access memory
19 7,016,236 Semiconductor memory device and defect remedying method thereof
20 7,016,214 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
21 7,016,191 Disk array device
22 7,016,170 Magnetic head and tunnel junction magneto-resistive head having plural ferromagnetic layers associated with an antiferromagnetic coupling layer for magnetically biasing the sensing free layer
23 7,016,167 Spin valve transistor with stabilization and method for producing the same
24 7,016,164 Hard bias structure with enhanced Hc
25 7,016,161 Magnetic head, magnetic head gimbal assembly, magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus, and magnetic memory
26 7,016,156 Disk drive having magnetic head conduction paths with arrangements to control impedance
27 7,016,140 Timing mark position error correction in self-servo write
28 7,016,139 Magnetic recording disk drive with actively controlled electric potential at the head/disk interface for wear and durability control
29 7,016,117 Radially non-symmetric beam forming elements for correction of energy profile distortion due to lateral beam drift
30 7,015,992 Color display device
31 7,015,905 Capacitive load driving circuit driving capacitive loads such as pixels in plasma display panels and plasma display apparatus having the capacitive load driving circuit
32 7,015,862 Antenna, method for manufacturing the antenna, and communication apparatus including the antenna
33 7,015,717 Signal transmitting device suited to fast signal transmission
34 7,015,634 Projection type cathode ray tube device
35 7,015,483 Focused ion beam system
36 7,015,482 Electron beam writing equipment using plural beams and method
37 7,015,464 Apparatus for detecting chemical substances and method therefor
38 7,015,119 Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
39 7,015,070 Electronic device and a method of manufacturing the same
40 7,015,069 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
41 7,014,787 Etching method of organic insulating film
42 7,014,746 Capillary electrophoretic instrument and capillary array assembly
43 7,014,698 Oil-based pigmented ink composition
44 7,014,530 Slider fabrication system for sliders with integrated electrical lapping guides
45 7,014,437 Screw compressor
46 7,014,367 Oil-impregnated sintered sliding bearing
47 7,014,320 Projection type display device
48 7,014,319 Projection type color display device
49 7,014,105 Bill handling machine
50 7,014,089 Trigger valve apparatus for pneumatic tool
51 7,013,985 Pneumatically operated screw driver
52 7,013,883 Ignition coil for use in engine and engine having plastic cylinder head cover
53 7,013,875 Apparatus for controlling fuel injection of engine and method thereof
54 7,013,870 Throttle apparatus for an engine
55 7,013,869 Fuel supply system for internal combustion engine
56 7,013,863 Cylinder injection type internal combustion engine, control method for internal combustion engine, and fuel injection valve
57 7,013,746 Control method and control apparatus of automatic transmission
58 7,013,728 System for detecting level of liquid in tank
59 7,013,632 Single shaft combined cycle power plant and its operation method
60 7,013,564 Method of producing an electronic device having a PB free solder connection
61 D517,543 Electronic computer