Hitachi patents granted on 21 October 2008

67 US patents granted on 21 October 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D579,120 Sample holder
2 7,441,163 Method of recording/reproducing digital data and apparatus for same
3 7,441,148 Method and apparatus for volume replication management at planned and unplanned link down
4 7,441,145 Failure monitoring for storage systems constituting multiple stages
5 7,441,143 Disk array including plural exchangeable magnetic disk
6 7,441,142 Data transfer method and remote copy system
7 7,441,130 Storage controller and storage system
8 7,441,115 Method for verifying a digital signature
9 7,441,096 Hierarchical storage management system
10 7,441,095 Storage system and storage controller
11 7,441,091 Storage control device and storage control method
12 7,441,083 Data storage device management system
13 7,441,082 Storage-device resource allocation method and storage device
14 7,441,080 Method of and system for controlling attributes of a plurality of storage devices
15 7,441,052 Methods and apparatuses for providing copies of stored data for disaster recovery and other uses
16 7,441,029 Storage system managing data through a wide area network
17 7,440,938 Method and apparatus for calculating similarity among documents
18 7,440,925 Method for rental storage system
19 7,440,847 Navigation system for moving object and method for path guidance for moving object
20 7,440,794 Optical system for measuring metabolism in a body and imaging method
21 7,440,747 Communication terminal, communication method, and program
22 7,440,691 image photographing apparatus
23 7,440,545 Positioning system and method for radiation therapy
24 7,440,522 Method of evaluating a readout signal, and optical disc apparatus
25 7,440,494 Method and system of bidirectional data transmission and reception
26 7,440,457 Network-processor accelerator
27 7,440,379 PRML (partial response maximum likelihood) information reproducing method and information reproducing apparatus for implementing the same
28 7,440,350 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
29 7,440,243 Read sensors of the CPP type having nitrogenated hard bias layers and method of making the same
30 7,440,242 Methods and apparatus for improved read sensors of the CPP type using a multi-layered seed layer structure having a nitrogenated nickel-tantalum layer
31 7,440,241 Magnetoresistive head using longitudinal biasing method with 90-degree magnetic interlayer coupling and manufacturing method thereof
32 7,440,240 Magnetic head with domain stabilization and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
33 7,440,230 Perpendicular recording head with floating-trailing shield extending around first and second sides of main pole piece
34 7,440,228 Thin film perpendicular magnetic recording head, their fabrication process and magnetic disk drive using it
35 7,440,227 Magnetic head having a hall effect sensor and circuit for detecting recorded bits from magnetic recording media
36 7,440,221 Calibration of reader/writer offset in hard disk drive using shingled recording
37 7,440,217 On the fly write head flyheight detector
38 7,440,186 Screen, a fresnel lens sheet used for the screen, and an image display apparatus using the screen
39 7,440,092 Method and apparatus for detecting defects
40 7,440,066 Liquid crystal display device
41 7,440,064 Liquid crystal display device
42 7,440,042 Liquid crystal display device
43 7,439,971 Mesh generation method for numerical simulation
44 7,439,946 Liquid crystal display device with controlled positive and negative gray scale voltages
45 7,439,941 White balance correction circuit and correction method for display apparatus that displays color image by controlling number of emissions or intensity thereof in accordance with plurality of primary color video signals
46 7,439,933 Signal processing circuit, and non-contact IC card and tag with the use thereof
47 7,439,846 Resistance adjusting method and resistance adjusting element and resistance adjusting device
48 7,439,708 Battery charger with control of two power supply circuits
49 7,439,697 Motor driving device and automobile using the same
50 7,439,528 Particle therapy system and method
51 7,439,522 Counting system for fluorescent molecules
52 7,439,506 Method and an apparatus of an inspection system using an electron beam
53 7,439,505 Scanning electron microscope
54 7,439,504 Pattern inspection method and apparatus using electron beam
55 7,439,452 Multi-chip module packaging with thermal expansion coefficiencies
56 7,439,447 Hybrid vehicle rigid routing cable assembly
57 7,439,076 Liquid dispensing method and device
58 7,439,073 Kit for biochemical sensor and measuring apparatus
59 7,438,866 Emission gas purification catalyst and internal combustion engine provided with the catalyst
60 7,438,793 Capillary array having load header
61 7,438,706 Automatic urine collecting apparatus
62 7,438,700 Medicine administering device for nasal cavities
63 7,438,539 Hermetic type scroll compressor and refrigerating and air-conditioning apparatus
64 7,438,001 Car body structure
65 7,437,927 Thermal type gas flow meter
66 7,437,926 Air flow rate measuring device
67 7,437,882 Apparatus for driving a compressor and a refrigerating air conditioner