Hitachi patents granted on 21 October 2014

41 US patents granted on 21 October 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE45,204 Method and apparatus for creating imaging recipe
2 D715,808 Portion of a display screen for a self-propelled working machine with graphical user interface
3 D715,617 Portable electric driver
4 8,869,285 File server, file server log management system and file server log management method
5 8,868,998 Packet communication apparatus and packet communication method
6 8,868,968 Partial fault processing method in computer system
7 8,868,934 Storage system including energy saving function
8 8,868,878 Disk array system and hard disk drive expansion method thereof
9 8,868,872 Computing device system and information managing method for rearrangement of data based on access characteristic related to a task
10 8,868,865 Computer system, server module, and storage module
11 8,868,819 Storage system group including scale-out storage system and management method therefor
12 8,868,759 Communication system and server
13 8,868,523 File server for migration of file and method for migrating file
14 8,868,507 Method and apparatus for data recovery using storage based journaling
15 8,868,316 Controller of valve timing control apparatus and valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
16 8,868,297 Power steering system and control apparatus for power steering system
17 8,867,923 Transponder, repeater, and terminal equipment
18 8,867,818 Method of creating template for matching, as well as device for creating template
19 8,867,813 Ultrasonic imaging device, ultrasonic imaging method and program for ultrasonic imaging
20 8,867,626 Image encoding apparatus, image encoding method, image decoding apparatus, and image decoding method
21 8,867,247 DC/AC power converter with DC side double frequency pulsation suppression caused by AC side faults
22 8,867,230 Storage system and printed circuit board
23 8,866,371 Electric field discharge-type electron source
24 8,866,282 Semiconductor apparatus, signal transmission system and signal transmission method
25 8,866,271 Semiconductor device manufacturing method, substrate processing apparatus and semiconductor device
26 8,866,131 Organic light-emitting device and light source apparatus using same
27 8,866,123 Non-volatile memory device and production method thereof
28 8,866,078 Scanning transmission type electron microscope
29 8,866,070 Mass spectrometer
30 8,866,010 Differential signal transmission cable and multi-core cable
31 8,865,459 Nucleic acid analysis device and nucleic acid analyzer using the same
32 8,865,418 Immunoanalytical method and system using mass spectrometry technology
33 8,865,403 Nucleic acid analyzing device and nucleic acid analyzer
34 8,865,338 Battery module and battery device
35 8,865,090 Micro fluid system support and manufacturing method thereof
36 8,864,919 Nickel based forged alloy, gas turbine member using said alloy and gas turbine using said member
37 8,864,591 Propeller shaft and constant velocity universal joint used therein
38 8,864,590 Propeller shaft and constant velocity universal joint used therein
39 8,864,443 Sealing device for steam turbines and method for controlling sealing device
40 8,863,869 Power conversion apparatus and electric vehicle
41 8,863,708 Valve timing control device of internal combustion engine