Hitachi patents granted on 22 April 2008

45 US patents granted on 22 April 2008 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,363,614 Automatic test program generation method
2 7,363,535 Logical unit security for clustered storage area networks
3 7,363,530 Data recording method and data recording apparatus
4 7,363,461 Remote storage disk control device and method for controlling the same
5 7,363,455 Apparatus and method for partitioning and managing subsystem logics
6 7,363,446 Storage system and storage control device
7 7,363,445 Backup method
8 7,363,439 Control device connected to external device
9 7,363,437 Shared/exclusive control scheme among sites including storage device system shared by plural high-rank apparatuses, and computer system equipped with the same control scheme
10 7,363,400 Data transfer switch
11 7,363,391 Storage system for queuing I/O commands and control method therefor
12 7,363,390 Techniques for managing a storage environment
13 7,363,352 Method for accessing distributed file system
14 7,363,197 Analytical shell model forming apparatus
15 7,363,070 Biomagnetic measurement apparatus
16 7,363,007 Adaptive modulation/demodulation method and radio communications systems
17 7,363,003 Mobile communication network using mobile station with relay-function and method for rewarding relay activities of mobile station
18 7,362,952 Personal digital assistant apparatus
19 7,362,883 Lane marker recognition method
20 7,362,665 Seek method of optical disks and optical storage device
21 7,362,576 Radio frequency module
22 7,362,547 Magnetic head having PtMn layer formed by ion beam deposition
23 7,362,544 Thin film magnetic head slider, magnetic head support mechanism, magnetic disk drive, and method of manufacturing magnetic head
24 7,362,542 Slider with underpass lead configured as a cooling plate
25 7,362,539 Disk drive and method of controlling the same
26 7,362,535 Magnetic disk drive and recording method
27 7,362,533 Disk drive with slider burnishing-on-demand
28 7,362,503 Screen, Fresnel lens sheet used for the same, and image display apparatus using the same
29 7,362,454 Method and system for measuring overcoat layer thickness on a thin film disk
30 7,362,433 Absorbance reader apparatus, absorbance reader control method, and absorbance calculation program
31 7,362,400 Transreflective liquid crystal display panel having a wide viewing angle
32 7,361,898 Scanning electron microscope and CD measurement calibration standard specimen
33 7,361,896 Scanning electron microscope and a method for adjusting a focal point of an electron beam of said scanning electron microscope
34 7,361,894 Method of forming a sample image and charged particle beam apparatus
35 7,361,557 Insulated gate type semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
36 7,361,396 Vacuum insulating material, refrigerator using vacuum insulating material, vacuum insulating material manufacturing method, and vacuum insulating material manufacturing equipment
37 7,361,305 Analyzer system having sample rack transfer line
38 7,361,002 Oil pump
39 7,360,492 Railway car with overload detector
40 7,360,415 Thermal type air flow meter having semiconductor sensor elements with similar diaphragm sizes
41 7,360,300 Method for manufacturing a magnetic read sensor employing oblique etched underlayers for inducing uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in a hard magnetic pinning layer
42 7,360,299 Method for manufacturing a magnetic read sensor employing oblique etched underlayers for inducing uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in a hard magnetic in-stack bias layer
43 7,360,298 Method of manufacturing a magnetic bias pinning layer for a GMR sensor of a magnetic head
44 7,360,297 Magnetoresistive sensor with antiparallel coupled lead/sensor overlap region
45 7,360,296 Method for reducing damage to sliders during lapping