Hitachi patents granted on 22 August 2006

51 US patents granted on 22 August 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D526,874 Portable nailing machine
2 D526,873 Portable electric hammer drill
3 7,096,486 TV program selection support system
4 7,096,372 Storage control device having two I/O control units each having two or more AC/DC power supply devices supplied by least three AC power supplies
5 7,096,338 Storage system and data relocation control device
6 7,096,337 Disk storage accessing system and method for changing access path to storage devices
7 7,096,336 Information processing system and management device
8 7,096,325 Method and apparatus for multistage volume locking
9 7,096,319 Cache memory managing method for computer system
10 7,096,317 Disk array device and maintenance method for disk array device
11 7,096,315 Method for analyzing performance information
12 7,096,286 Disk array device and method of changing the configuration of the disk array device
13 7,096,269 Path selection methods for storage based remote copy
14 7,096,110 Electronic control apparatus for vehicle and control method for vehicle
15 7,096,109 Adaptive cruise control system
16 7,096,083 Design support apparatus and method for supporting design of resin mold product
17 7,095,996 Wireless communication system, and demodulation method and data rate control method therefor
18 7,095,884 Method and apparatus for circuit pattern inspection
19 7,095,870 Electronic watermark embedding apparatus and method and a format conversion device having a watermark embedding function
20 7,095,726 ATM switching system and cell control method
21 7,095,680 Method and apparatus for disc recording
22 7,095,657 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of realizing optimized erasing operation in a memory array
23 7,095,627 Frequency-selective shield structure and electric device having the structure
24 7,095,623 Multilayer circuit board, process of manufacturing same, board for multilayer circuitry, and electronic apparatus
25 7,095,616 Disk array device and disk array device cable support method
26 7,095,599 Fuel injector and its control method
27 7,095,587 Magnetic head slider and magnet disk apparatus
28 7,095,558 Image display device, rear projection type screen used in image display device, Fresnel lens sheet, and method of making Fresnel lens sheet
29 7,095,470 In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
30 7,095,239 Method for detecting defects that exhibit repetitive patterns
31 7,095,169 Flat panel display device
32 7,095,133 Electrical rotating machine control unit and power generation system
33 7,095,132 Wind turbine generator system
34 7,095,130 Wind turbine generator system
35 7,095,043 Semiconductor device, semiconductor circuit module and manufacturing method of the same
36 7,095,021 Method, apparatus and system for specimen fabrication by using an ion beam
37 7,094,642 Method of fabricating semiconductor device
38 7,094,623 Method for producing semiconductor nanoparticles and semiconductor nanoparticles produced by the same
39 7,094,130 Method for fabricating a magnetic transducer using a slurry with spherical particles for CMP-assisted photoresist lift-off
40 7,094,129 Magnetic recording head burnishing method
41 7,093,815 Vibration quenching substrate for diagnostic equipment susceptible to vibrations
42 7,093,766 IC card having memory contents transfer control unit and method of storing data in IC card
43 7,093,743 Pneumatically operated power tool having mechanism for changing compressed air pressure
44 7,093,687 Angle sensor, angle-torque sensor and electric power steering unit using same
45 7,093,670 Impact drill
46 7,093,581 Throttle valve control apparatus of internal combustion engine and automobile using the same
47 7,093,551 Freshwater supply system
48 7,093,512 Automatic transmission, dynamo-electric machine, and car
49 7,093,490 Ultrasonic flaw detecting method and ultrasonic flaw detector
50 7,093,432 Exhaust gas purification apparatus of internal combustion engine and catalyst for purifying exhaust gas of internal combustion engine
51 7,093,426 Starting apparatus, starting method, control method and exhaust filtration apparatus of internal combustion engine