Hitachi patents granted on 22 February 2011

50 US patents granted on 22 February 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,895,468 Autonomous takeover destination changing method in a failover
2 7,895,467 Storage control system and storage control method
3 7,895,399 Computer system and control method for controlling processor execution of a prefetech command
4 7,895,396 Virtual path storage system and control method for the same
5 7,895,395 Managing logical volumes in a storage system with remote copy
6 7,895,394 Storage system
7 7,895,358 Redundancy switching method
8 7,895,322 Session management method for computer system
9 7,895,287 Clustered storage system with external storage systems
10 7,895,207 Substrate processing system and data retrieval method
11 7,895,162 Remote copy system, remote environment setting method, and data restore method
12 7,895,161 Storage system and method of managing data using same
13 7,895,014 Method for improving the localisation of a target in regard of a sensor
14 7,894,981 Traffic information providing system and car navigation system
15 7,894,947 Radio communication system for controlling a vehicle
16 7,894,817 Communication system using multiple wireless resources during a soft handoff
17 7,894,658 Pattern inspection method and apparatus
18 7,894,646 Medical image diagnosis support device and method for calculating degree of deformation from normal shapes of organ regions
19 7,894,244 Tunnel magnetic resistance device, and magnetic memory cell and magnetic random access memory using the same
20 7,894,232 Semiconductor device having user field and vendor field
21 7,894,159 Perpendicular write head with independent trailing shield designs
22 7,894,158 Magnetic disk apparatus
23 7,894,149 Disc drive device
24 7,894,052 Optical defect inspection apparatus
25 7,894,029 Apparatus for optically arranging surface of alignment film and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device using the same
26 7,893,903 Liquid crystal display apparatus capable of maintaining high color purity
27 7,893,810 Strain measuring device
28 7,893,607 Organic electroluminescence display device
29 7,893,574 Rotor of rotary-electric machine
30 7,893,534 Thermally insulating bonding pad structure for solder reflow connection
31 7,893,426 Single-charge tunnelling device
32 7,893,396 Biometric device and information terminal
33 7,893,001 Semiconductor porcelain composition
34 7,892,983 Substrate processing apparatus and producing method of semiconductor device
35 7,892,663 Perpendicular magnetic recording media and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
36 7,892,481 Manufacturing method for wear resistant sintered member, sintered valve seat, and manufacturing method therefor
37 7,892,446 Ferrite material
38 7,892,444 Plasma processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
39 7,892,365 Rare earth element-iron-boron alloy, and magnetically anisotropic permanent magnet powder and method for production thereof
40 7,892,316 Fine composite metal particles and their production method, micro-bodies, and magnetic beads
41 7,892,309 Production method of honeycomb filter and honeycomb filter
42 7,892,189 Movement analysis display apparatus and movement analyzing method
43 7,892,038 Connector having a connecting member for connecting the terminals of two mating connectors stacked together with an isolation member in-between
44 7,891,985 Display apparatus
45 7,891,975 Heat treatment apparatus and method of manufacturing substrate
46 7,891,825 Light source unit and projection type image display apparatus having the same
47 7,891,601 Tape reel
48 7,891,458 Steering system for engineering vehicle
49 7,891,240 Thermal type flow measuring device
50 7,891,191 Combustor, gas turbine combustor, and air supply method for same