Hitachi patents granted on 22 March 2011

72 US patents granted on 22 March 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D634,849 Probe of ultrasound diagnosis apparatus
2 7,913,258 Information processing device and process control method
3 7,913,112 Storage controller and storage control method
4 7,913,052 Method and apparatus for reducing the amount of data in a storage system
5 7,913,045 Storage system comprising backup function
6 7,913,039 Array-type disk apparatus preventing data lost and providing improved failure tolerance
7 7,913,037 Computer system for controlling allocation of physical links and method thereof
8 7,913,019 Server, and method of recovery from link failure in server
9 7,912,996 Storage system
10 7,912,952 Content utilization management method corresponding to network transfer, program, and content transfer system
11 7,912,928 Network device and network device control method
12 7,912,814 Data migration in storage system
13 7,912,650 Information processing system using nucleotide sequence-related information
14 7,912,635 Navigation system
15 7,912,616 Gear shifting control device for work machine
16 7,912,530 Magnetic detection coil and apparatus for measurement of magnetic field
17 7,912,481 Receiver, receiver for positioning system using the same, and positioning method
18 7,912,478 Wireless communication system and base station
19 7,912,460 Communication control system for providing service by using policy
20 7,912,373 Optical multiple transmission method, optical network and optical transmission apparatus
21 7,912,276 Method and apparatus for detecting pattern defects
22 7,912,223 Method and apparatus for data protection
23 7,912,071 Passive optical network system for supporting virtual ethernet service and method for the same
24 7,912,002 System and method of QOS-based channel selection for WLAN access points or stations
25 7,911,930 Information recording media, a method for recording/reproducing information, an apparatus for recording/reproducing information
26 7,911,915 Optical pickup and optical information recording apparatus using the same
27 7,911,910 Information recording method and apparatus with suppressed mark edge jitters
28 7,911,889 Optical disc apparatus
29 7,911,810 Bi-directional DC-DC converter and method for controlling the same
30 7,911,806 Method and apparatus for reducing EMI emissions from a power inverter
31 7,911,789 Disk array system
32 7,911,788 Storage control device
33 7,911,769 Electronic circuit structure, power supply apparatus, power supply system, and electronic apparatus
34 7,911,741 Slider overcoat for noise reduction of TMR magnetic transducer
35 7,911,738 Magnetic head slider with resistive heating film meandering in stacking direction
36 7,911,732 Hermetically sealed head disk assembly and method of sealing with soldering material
37 7,911,728 Method for servowriting a patterned-media perpendicular magnetic recording disk using position error signal (PES) alignment fields
38 7,911,723 Method for measuring offset amount between heads in a composite magnetic head and a measuring device using the method
39 7,911,701 Micro lens array sheet for use in backlight device and molding roll for manufacturing such micro lens array sheet
40 7,911,601 Apparatus and method for inspecting pattern
41 7,911,576 Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display device
42 7,911,574 Display device having a board for a connector for inputting of video data and a board for mounting a display control circuit and manufacturing method thereof
43 7,911,558 Image display apparatus and backlight unit to be used therein
44 7,911,555 Liquid crystal display device
45 7,911,554 Liquid crystal display module
46 7,911,553 Liquid crystal display device
47 7,911,541 Liquid crystal display device
48 7,911,419 Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display apparatus
49 7,911,393 Antenna device
50 7,911,303 Circuit breaker and opening and closing method thereof
51 7,911,224 Signal transmitting device suited to fast signal transmission
52 7,911,206 Method and apparatus for evaluating length of defect in eddy current testing
53 7,911,178 Battery apparatus, battery control apparatus, and motor drive unit
54 7,911,106 Rotary electric machine
55 7,911,062 Electronic component with varying rigidity leads using Pb-free solder
56 7,911,055 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
57 7,911,054 Semiconductor device
58 7,910,990 Insulated gate type semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
59 7,910,886 Sample dimension measuring method and scanning electron microscope
60 7,910,884 Apparatus and method for inspection and measurement
61 7,910,509 Dielectric porcelain composition for use in electronic devices
62 7,910,284 Materials for photoresist, photoresist composition and method of forming resist pattern
63 7,910,246 Positive electrode material, its manufacturing method and lithium secondary battery
64 7,910,027 Semiconductor ceramic composition and method for producing the same
65 7,909,933 Plasma processing method
66 7,909,751 Method for sterilizing a centrifugal separator
67 7,909,672 Organic light-emitting display device
68 7,909,564 Gas turbine and gas turbine cooling method
69 7,909,549 Small-diameter deep hole drill and a micro deep hole drilling method
70 7,909,472 Projection-type image display apparatus
71 7,909,114 Drilling device
72 7,908,861 Heat energy supply system and method, and reconstruction method of the system