Hitachi patents granted on 22 September 2009

52 US patents granted on 22 September 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D600,661 Television receiver
2 7,594,241 Information recording medium
3 7,594,155 Recording and reproducing data to/from a recording medium having a user data area and an information area for storing information about the recording medium
4 7,594,137 Storage system and data restoration method thereof
5 7,594,086 Storage system for copying data and storing in a plurality of storage devices
6 7,594,084 File storage control device and method
7 7,594,083 Storage system and storage control device
8 7,594,076 Disk array apparatus, data migration method, and storage medium
9 7,594,074 Storage system
10 7,594,072 Method and apparatus incorporating virtualization for data storage and protection
11 7,594,071 Storage system employing a hierarchical directory section and a cache directory section
12 7,594,070 Management of access to storage area of storage system
13 7,594,066 Storage system comprising non-volatile memory devices with internal and external refresh processing
14 7,594,051 Storage apparatus
15 7,593,998 File cache-controllable computer system
16 7,593,974 Method and database system for duplicating transactions between remote sites
17 7,593,752 Sensor node, base station, and sensor network system
18 7,593,588 Edge preservation type image processing device
19 7,593,564 Method and apparatus for reviewing defect of subject to be inspected
20 7,593,299 Optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and optical disk recording/reproducing method
21 7,593,253 Semiconductor device
22 7,593,225 Disk array system
23 7,593,196 Method and apparatus for providing a magnetic read sensor having a thin pinning layer and improved magnetoresistive coefficient .DELTA.R/R
24 7,593,188 Low protrusion compensation air bearing
25 7,593,186 P1 write pole with shoulder formation
26 7,593,183 Magnetic write head design for reducing temperature induced protrusion
27 7,593,177 Recording/reproducing method of magnetic tape
28 7,593,078 Transflective liquid crystal display device having liquid crystal layer in the reflective portion thicker than in the transmissive portion
29 7,592,990 Display device
30 7,592,976 Flat display panel having internal power supply circuit for reducing power consumption
31 7,592,914 Radio frequency identification tag and manufacturing method thereof
32 7,592,877 Variable frequency oscillator and communication circuit with it
33 7,592,780 Battery charging apparatus
34 7,592,734 Three-phase permanent magnet brushless motor
35 7,592,606 Manufacturing equipment using ION beam or electron beam
36 7,592,589 Method of mass spectrometry and mass spectrometer
37 7,592,272 Manufacturing method of semiconductor integrated circuit
38 7,592,250 Multilayer wiring board, manufacturing method thereof, semiconductor device, and wireless electronic device
39 7,592,137 Genetic testing kits and a method of bladder cancer
40 7,592,124 Photosensitive element, photosensitive element roll, process for the preparation of resist pattern using the same, resist pattern, resist pattern laminated substrate, process for the preparation of wiring pattern and wiring pattern
41 7,592,085 Fuel cell
42 7,591,987 Method and apparatus for treating ammonia-containing gas
43 7,591,983 Heavy oil treating method and heavy oil treating system
44 7,591,918 Ceramic honeycomb structure and its production method and coating material used therefor
45 7,591,775 Centrifugal separator with sterilizing apparatus
46 7,591,709 Blasting device
47 7,591,643 Mold with ejector pin cooling
48 7,591,636 Negative pressure supply apparatus
49 7,591,239 High-pressure fuel pump control device for engine
50 7,591,203 Control apparatus and control method for vehicle
51 7,591,177 Flow sensor and mass flow controller using the same
52 7,591,064 Method of fabrication for tape medium read head with unitary formation of multiple elements