Hitachi patents granted on 23 August 2011

76 US patents granted on 23 August 2011 and assigned to Hitachi

1 8,006,310 Disk control unit
2 8,006,294 System and method for single sign-on
3 8,006,255 Electronic apparatus
4 8,006,251 Operation consistency maintenance method, system and program
5 8,006,134 Method for analyzing fault caused in virtualized environment, and management server
6 8,006,132 Storage subsystem and power supply system
7 8,006,123 Volume and failure management method on a network having a storage device
8 8,006,063 Management method and a management system for volume
9 8,006,060 Apparatus for supporting creation of access path from host to logical volume
10 8,006,054 Storage system and snapshot configuration migration method
11 8,006,047 Storage device with write barrier sensitive write commands and write barrier insensitive commands
12 8,006,036 Storage system and data management method
13 8,006,035 Method for analyzing performance information
14 8,005,960 Network connection management apparatus device, and system for connecting new network device
15 8,005,942 Integrated presence management system, presence server and presence information management program
16 8,005,887 Gateway apparatus and system
17 8,005,796 Method and apparatus for synchronizing applications for data recovery using storage based journaling
18 8,005,612 Map data distribution system
19 8,005,602 Vehicle speed control device, method of determining target speed by using the device, and program executing the method
20 8,005,363 Passive optical network with wavelength division multiplexing
21 8,005,362 Passive optical network system and optical line terminal
22 8,005,355 Camera unit
23 8,005,340 Data recording apparatus
24 8,005,338 Recording and reproducing device
25 8,005,292 Method and apparatus for inspecting pattern defects
26 8,005,130 Transmitter and receiver using forward clock overlaying link information
27 8,004,957 Recording and reproducing method and recording and reproducing apparatus
28 8,004,956 Optical disc drive, optical pickup and optical component used therefor
29 8,004,950 Optical pickup, optical information recording and reproducing apparatus and method for optically recording and reproducing information
30 8,004,941 Optical disk apparatus and test writing method
31 8,004,800 Magnetoresistive sensor with nitrogenated hard bias layer for improved coercivity
32 8,004,795 Magnetic head design having reduced susceptibility to electrostatic discharge from media surfaces
33 8,004,790 Spoiler with integrated bypass channel wall for HDD applications
34 8,004,673 Photometric instrument
35 8,004,666 Apparatus for inspecting defects
36 8,004,620 Display device
37 8,004,545 Display apparatus with arrangement to decrease quantity of backlight and increase transmittance of the display panel
38 8,004,487 Display device
39 8,004,476 Plasma display device and method of driving the same
40 8,004,445 Digital calibration type analog-to-digital converter and wireless receiver circuit and wireless transceiver circuit using the same
41 8,004,411 Method for manufacturing radio frequency IC tag and antenna
42 8,004,381 Laminated device
43 8,004,374 Increased anisotropy induced by direct ion etch for telecommunications/electronics devices
44 8,004,239 Battery management system for calculating charge and disharge powers
45 8,004,163 Substrate with a piezoelectric thin film
46 8,004,145 Electric rotating machine
47 8,004,128 Rotating electrical machine
48 8,004,075 Semiconductor power module including epoxy resin coating
49 8,003,940 Tool-to-tool matching control method and its system for scanning electron microscope
50 8,003,907 Operation device and elevator apparatus with operation device
51 8,003,547 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
52 8,003,411 Device for processing a substrate, method of processing a substrate and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
53 8,003,409 Semiconductor nanoparticle fluorescent reagent and fluorescence determination method
54 8,003,304 Method for manufacturing a perpendicular magnetic write pole using an electrical lapping guide for tight write pole flare point control
55 8,003,247 Button-type alkaline battery and method of manufacturing the same
56 8,003,236 Method for making a master mold with high bit-aspect-ratio for nanoimprinting patterned magnetic recording disks, master mold made by the method, and disk imprinted by the master mold
57 8,003,207 Adhesive bonding sheet, semiconductor device using same, and method for manufacturing such semiconductor device
58 8,003,193 Functional device
59 8,003,038 Process for producing resin molded article
60 8,002,976 Magnetic separation filtering and cleaning apparatus
61 8,002,947 Plasma treatment system and cleaning method of the same
62 8,002,860 CMP abrasive, method for polishing substrate and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same, and additive for CMP abrasive
63 8,002,703 Ultrasonic imaging device
64 8,002,702 Ultrasonograph and method for controlling movement of display body of ultrasonograph
65 8,002,694 Master-slave manipulator system
66 8,002,491 Small handling pole locking assembly
67 8,002,418 Projection type image display apparatus
68 8,002,417 Projection-type image display apparatus
69 8,002,414 Image displaying apparatus, and a method for adjusting vibrating condition of a reflection mirror in the image displaying apparatus
70 8,002,090 Electro-mechanical brake apparatus
71 8,002,076 Electric power steering apparatus
72 8,001,936 Control apparatus for internal combustion engine and control method therefor
73 8,001,767 Engine controller
74 D643,936 Controller for liquid chromatograph analyzer
75 D643,915 Collecting device for substances floating in air
76 D643,914 Collecting device for substances floating in air