Hitachi patents granted on 23 December 2014

31 US patents granted on 23 December 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D720,079 Cover of a biochemical analyzer
2 8,918,909 Output control method
3 8,918,661 Method and apparatus for assigning storage resources to a power saving target storage pool based on either access frequency or power consumption
4 8,918,615 Information storage system including a plurality of storage systems that is managed using system and volume identification information and storage system management method for same
5 8,918,613 Storage apparatus and data management method for storage area allocation based on access frequency
6 8,918,609 Storage apparatus and data management method to determine whether to migrate data from a first storage device to a second storage device based on an access frequency of a particular logical area
7 8,918,585 Management system calculating storage capacity to be installed/removed
8 8,918,551 Storage system
9 8,917,810 Devices and methods for managing noncombustible gasses in nuclear power plants
10 8,917,800 DC balance offset adjustable circuit and semiconductor device including the same
11 8,917,787 Systems and methods for creating a downlink precode for communication system with per-antenna power constraints
12 8,917,541 Magnetoresistance effect element and magnetic memory
13 8,917,526 Flat cable and cable harness using the same
14 8,917,509 Electric power conversion apparatus
15 8,917,481 High frequency magnetic field assisted magnetic recording head, and method of manufacturing same
16 8,917,292 Display system for working machine
17 8,917,037 Electric operating machine
18 8,916,841 Particle therapy system
19 8,916,839 Sample preparation method and apparatus
20 8,916,476 Microfine structure formation method and microfine structure formed body
21 8,916,351 Primer generation rolling circle amplification
22 8,916,113 Chemical analyzer
23 8,916,096 Automatic analyzer
24 8,916,095 Automatic analyzer
25 8,916,092 Ni-based alloy, and turbine rotor and stator blade for gas turbine
26 8,915,262 Mass flow controller algorithm with adaptive valve start position
27 8,915,226 Electrode material for electrode of spark plug
28 8,915,221 Valve timing control
29 8,915,161 Fine motion control rod drive mechanism handling apparatus and method of handling fine motion control rod drive mechanism
30 8,915,100 Optical fiber end processing method and optical fiber end processing apparatus
31 8,914,966 Die for molding honeycomb structure, and its production method