Hitachi patents granted on 23 January 2007

49 US patents granted on 23 January 2007 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,168,043 Apparatus and system for communication
2 7,167,963 Storage system with multiple remote site copying capability
3 7,167,962 Remote copy for a storage controller with reduced data size
4 7,167,960 Direct access storage system with combined block interface and file interface access
5 7,167,958 Second storage system equipped with security system and a method of controlling the second storage system
6 7,167,950 Storage system
7 7,167,949 Multi-processor type storage control apparatus for performing access control through selector
8 7,167,902 Disk subsystems and their integrated system
9 7,167,881 Method for heap memory management and computer system using the same method
10 7,167,880 Method and apparatus for avoiding journal overflow on backup and recovery system using storage based journaling
11 7,167,740 Measuring method in magnetic resonance imaging device and magnetic resonance imaging device
12 7,167,712 Method, system, and apparatus for detecting a position of a terminal in a network
13 7,167,687 Switch circuit and composite high-frequency part
14 7,167,652 Optical transmission system constructing method and system
15 7,167,474 Network relaying apparatus and network relaying method capable of high-speed routing and packet transfer
16 7,167,467 Voice communication system and voice communication method
17 7,167,346 Extraordinary magnetoresistance sensor with perpendicular magnetic biasing by an antiferromagnetic/ferromagnetic exchange-coupled structure
18 7,167,343 Head shock resistance and head load/unload protection for reducing disk errors and defects, and enhancing data integrity of disk drives
19 7,167,247 Paper quality discriminating machine
20 7,167,228 Liquid crystal display device with two kinds of projected portions on a substrate
21 7,167,214 Signal processing unit and liquid crystal display device
22 7,167,154 Display device
23 7,167,141 Liquid crystal display device
24 7,167,002 Stabilizer for stabilizing NMR magnetic field and method of the same
25 7,166,921 Aluminum alloy film for wiring and sputter target material for forming the film
26 7,166,840 Method for determining depression/protrusion of sample and charged particle beam apparatus therefor
27 7,166,839 Apparatus for measuring a three-dimensional shape
28 7,166,835 Mass spectrometer
29 7,166,517 Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
30 7,166,480 Particle control device and particle control method for vacuum processing apparatus
31 7,166,361 Thermosetting resin composition, resin film, metallic foil provided with an insulation material, insulation film provided with a metallic foil on each side, metal-clad laminate, multi-layered metal-clad laminate and multi-layered printed wiring board
32 7,166,254 Process for producing sintered aluminum alloy
33 7,166,173 Method of simultaneously initializing two antiferromagnetic layers in a magnetic sensor
34 7,166,155 Hard film and hard film-coated tool
35 7,166,013 Polishing apparatus and method for producing semiconductors using the apparatus
36 7,165,898 Optical module, method for manufacturing optical module and optical communication apparatus
37 7,165,875 Display device
38 7,165,844 Projector type display apparatus
39 7,165,818 Vehicle attitude control system
40 7,165,817 Electrically driven brake device and control apparatus thereof
41 7,165,748 Train position detection system
42 7,165,534 Fuel feed system
43 7,165,526 Direct injection engine and controller for the same
44 7,165,481 Screwdriver
45 7,165,478 Pneumatically operated screw driver
46 7,165,470 Vehicular drive system and driving method
47 7,165,462 Individual slider testing
48 7,165,418 Absorption refrigerator and production method thereof
49 7,165,325 Welding material, gas turbine blade or nozzle and a method of repairing a gas turbine blade or nozzle