Hitachi patents granted on 23 July 2013

46 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D686,642 Swing post for a construction machine
2 8,495,668 Spindle motor attachment structure for a disc drive apparatus
3 8,495,645 Server pool management method
4 8,495,569 Software analyzing apparatus for analyzing software components and correlations between software components
5 8,495,331 Storage apparatus and storage management method for storing entries in management tables
6 8,495,325 Computer system and data migration method thereof
7 8,495,319 Data processing system providing remote copy in a system having first, second and third storage systems and establishing first, second and third copy pairs
8 8,495,294 Management computer for managing storage system capacity and storage system capacity management method
9 8,495,293 Storage system comprising function for changing data storage mode using logical volume pair
10 8,495,288 Storage controller and duplicated data detection method using storage controller
11 8,495,254 Computer system having virtual storage apparatuses accessible by virtual machines
12 8,495,164 Data transfer device and data transfer method
13 8,495,082 Stream data processing method cooperable with reference external data
14 8,495,063 Recording medium and playback device
15 8,495,014 Asynchronous remote copy system and storage control method
16 8,494,893 Production plan making program, device, and method
17 8,494,733 Prime mover rotation speed control system for hydraulically driven vehicle
18 8,494,675 Autonomous mobile robot device and an avoidance method for that autonomous mobile robot device
19 8,494,595 Communication control apparatus
20 8,494,107 Method of suppressing deposition of radioactive isotope
21 8,494,076 MIMO wireless data communication system, MIMO wireless data communication method and MIMO wireless data communication apparatus
22 8,493,928 Wireless system, for packet communication between base station and mobile stations
23 8,493,927 Control apparatus, control method and control program
24 8,493,830 Optical information reproducing apparatus
25 8,493,828 Media recording/reading device and media recording/reading method
26 8,493,827 Optical disc and optical disc apparatus
27 8,493,728 Disk unit and disk array apparatus
28 8,493,692 Position determining system with arm center line crossing expanding/contracting direction of hinged actuator unit
29 8,493,557 Surface inspecting apparatus and surface inspecting method
30 8,493,537 Liquid crystal display device
31 8,493,533 Liquid crystal display device
32 8,493,532 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
33 8,493,522 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
34 8,493,511 Display system, display device, and repeater
35 8,493,345 Display device
36 8,493,307 Display device
37 8,493,305 Display device
38 8,493,103 Output driver circuit
39 8,492,258 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
40 8,491,807 Abrasive liquid for metal and method for polishing
41 8,491,751 Plasma processing apparatus
42 8,491,291 Pattern transfer method and imprint device
43 8,491,280 Oil-flooded screw compressor, motor drive system, and motor control device
44 8,490,588 Actuator device and variable valve apparatus of internal combustion engine
45 8,490,516 Screw driving machine having combustion-type power mechanism and electric power mechanism
46 8,490,435 Optical fiber end processing method and optical fiber end processing apparatus