Hitachi patents granted on 23 June 2009

45 US patents granted on 23 June 2009 and assigned to Hitachi

1 RE40,769 Method and apparatus for controlling the gray scale of plasma display device
2 7,552,455 Objective lens with elastic support structure
3 7,552,209 Computer system managing an access to a storage system
4 7,552,138 Method and apparatus for managing faults in storage system having job management function
5 7,552,062 Method and system for clinical process analysis
6 7,551,976 Industrial device receiving remote maintenance operation and outputting charge information
7 7,551,836 Broadcast program recording method, broadcast receiver, and information recorder therefor
8 7,551,710 X-ray CT apparatus and X-ray CT imaging method
9 7,551,535 Reproducing apparatus utilizing recording medium identifier
10 7,551,462 Soft switching DC-DC converter including a buck converter and a boost converter sharing a common transformer
11 7,551,436 Electronic apparatus
12 7,551,409 Current-perpendicular-to-the-plane (CPP) magnetoresistive sensor with improved ferromagnetic free layer structure
13 7,551,402 Magnetic disk drive and ramp
14 7,551,398 Magnetic head with air bearing surface protection film and manufacturing method thereof
15 7,551,397 Magnetic write head having a first magnetic pole with a self aligned stepped notch
16 7,551,396 Perpendicular magnetic write head having a studded trailing shield compatible with read/write offset
17 7,551,395 Main pole structure coupled with trailing gap for perpendicular recording
18 7,551,389 Disk drive and method of retracting head thereof
19 7,551,379 Write element before read element with early servo termination on write
20 7,551,352 Image display apparatus, as well as, Fresnel lens sheet and screen to be used therein
21 7,551,260 Liquid crystal display device
22 7,551,209 Imaging apparatus and method for controlling white balance
23 7,551,169 Liquid crystal display device
24 7,551,157 Display device and driving method thereof
25 7,551,067 Obstacle detection system
26 7,550,918 Display device
27 7,550,772 Image display device and manufacturing method thereof
28 7,550,750 Method and apparatus for processing a micro sample
29 7,550,740 Focused ION beam apparatus
30 7,550,724 Electron beam device and its control method
31 7,550,695 Method for manufacturing a magnetic disk device with improved head gimbal assembly
32 7,550,678 Plasma display module
33 7,550,210 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium with multiple exchange-coupled magnetic layers having substantially similar anisotropy fields
34 7,550,115 Apparatus and method for arraying beads
35 7,550,083 Process and equipment for treating ammonium containing liquid
36 7,550,082 Process and equipment for treating ammonium containing liquid
37 7,550,047 Rare earth element-iron-boron alloy and magnetically anisotropic permanent magnet powder and method for production thereof
38 7,549,602 Tape cartridge
39 7,549,601 Level wound coil mounted on pallet, and package for same
40 7,549,507 Duct wall structure
41 7,549,335 Free fall detection device
42 7,549,284 Diagnostic device and method of engine exhaust purifying system
43 7,549,215 Method for manufacturing a magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic data recording
44 7,549,213 Method for independent trackwidth and wall angle control and hexagonal write head
45 7,549,208 Method of mounting electronic circuit chip