Hitachi patents granted on 23 June 2015

41 US patents granted on 23 June 2015 and assigned to Hitachi

1 9,066,303 Power control in LTE-advanced heterogeneous networks
2 9,066,058 Display device and play-back device having respective first and second interfaces
3 9,065,862 Communication device, method for controlling the communication device, and communication system
4 9,065,728 Failure analysis device, and system and method for same
5 9,065,443 Inverter drive device
6 9,065,404 Amplifying device
7 9,065,368 Control method for induction motor
8 9,065,361 Hybrid construction machine
9 9,065,356 Electric power converter
10 9,065,155 Adaptor, assembly of battery pack and adaptor, and electric tool with the same
11 9,065,124 Battery pack and method for welding cells
12 9,065,116 Lithium secondary battery positive electrode and lithium secondary battery
13 9,065,084 Steel for solid oxide fuel cell having excellent oxidation resistance
14 9,064,913 Substrate processing apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
15 9,064,912 Heating device, substrate processing apparatus, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
16 9,064,695 Substrate processing apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
17 9,064,621 Parallel foamed coaxial cable
18 9,064,609 Mechanical connections and methods
19 9,064,519 Soft magnetic under layer
20 9,064,418 Vehicle-mounted environment recognition apparatus and vehicle-mounted environment recognition system
21 9,064,303 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method configured to correct specific region data based on benchmark slice
22 9,064,106 Method and apparatus to keep consistency of ACLs among a meta data server and data servers
23 9,064,018 Information providing system that provides information based on strenghth of desire and current situation
24 9,063,663 Semiconductor storage device and data control method thereof
25 9,063,207 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and blood vessel image capturing method
26 9,063,168 Scanning probe microscope and measurement method using same
27 9,063,106 Automatic analyzer and method for using the same
28 9,063,104 Automatic analyzer
29 9,062,980 Autonomous mobile system
30 9,062,965 Multi-point measuring apparatus and method of FBG sensor having multiple delaying fibers
31 9,062,885 Fuel nozzle, gas turbine combustor with the same, and gas turbine with the same
32 9,062,734 Shock absorber and vehicle using the same
33 9,062,691 Hydraulic oil tank for construction machine
34 9,062,376 Substrate processing apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor device and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
35 9,062,362 Precipitate hardening stainless steel and long blade using same for steam turbine
36 9,061,909 Method for simultaneously producing carbon nanotubes and hydrogen, and device for simultaneously producing carbon nanotubes and hydrogen
37 9,061,597 Quick charger and quick charging system for electric vehicle
38 9,061,408 Fastener driving tool
39 9,061,144 System for irradiating charged particles and method for irradiating charged particles
40 9,060,741 Mobile X-ray device, control method for X-ray irradiation, and control program for mobile X-ray device
41 9,060,737 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic image display method