Hitachi patents granted on 23 March 2010

52 US patents granted on 23 March 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,685,628 License-based path management method for a computer system
2 7,685,560 Method and apparatus for monitoring exposure process
3 7,685,496 Data transmission method and data transmission device for transmitting data through a transmission line that is integrated with a plurality of links
4 7,685,455 Semiconductor integrated circuit which generates internal clock signal for fetching input data synchronously with the internal clock signal without decrease of timing margin
5 7,685,390 Storage system
6 7,685,387 Storage system for multi-site remote copy
7 7,685,378 Methods and apparatus for adjusting a journal area for continuous data protection
8 7,685,362 Storage unit and circuit for shaping communication signal
9 7,685,361 Virtualization method and storage apparatus for a storage system having external connectivity
10 7,685,342 Storage control apparatus and method for controlling number of commands executed in storage control apparatus
11 7,685,310 Computer system and dynamic port allocation method
12 7,684,937 Evaluation method of fine pattern feature, its equipment, and method of semiconductor device fabrication
13 7,684,921 Vehicle running control apparatus and map information data recording medium
14 7,684,917 Diagnostic information providing apparatus for construction machine and diagnostic information display system for construction machine
15 7,684,847 Magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus
16 7,684,839 Connecting structure for magnesium diboride superconducting wire and a method of connecting the same
17 7,684,539 X-ray tomograph
18 7,684,535 Reactor containment vessel
19 7,684,487 Video coding method and apparatus for calculating motion vectors of the vertices of a patch of an image and transmitting information of horizontal and vertical components of the motion vectors
20 7,684,449 Optical fiber for fiber laser device and fiber laser device using same
21 7,684,430 Frame-based aggregation and prioritized channel access for traffic over wireless local area networks
22 7,684,301 Information recording method and apparatus with suppressed mark edge jitters
23 7,684,300 Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus
24 7,684,298 Optical information recording method and optical information recording apparatus
25 7,684,290 Object lens actuator
26 7,684,153 Magnetic head slider with ground and heater terminal arrangement and magnetic head assembly
27 7,684,149 Magnetic head and magnetic disk storage apparatus mounting the same
28 7,684,138 Magnetic disk drive, method for registering defective sector, and method for controlling flying height
29 7,684,005 Active matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus
30 7,683,996 Liquid crystal display device
31 7,683,899 Liquid crystal display device having an improved lighting device
32 7,683,874 Liquid crystal display device
33 7,683,808 Information processing apparatus and information processing system
34 7,683,713 Predistorter
35 7,683,597 PWM signal generating circuit and power supply apparatus comprising such PWM signal generating circuit
36 7,683,516 Production method for rotating electric machine and stator coils, and electric power steering motor
37 7,683,378 Light emitting diode and method for fabricating same
38 7,683,338 Radiological imaging system
39 7,683,319 Charge control apparatus and measurement apparatus equipped with the charge control apparatus
40 7,683,313 Charged particle beam measurement equipment, size correction and standard sample for correction
41 7,683,286 Switchgear
42 7,683,012 Lubricant with non-terminal functional groups
43 7,682,987 Device for processing substrate and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
44 7,682,701 Composition for forming silica based coating film, silica based coating film and method for preparation thereof, and electronic parts
45 7,682,435 Oil-based pigmented ink composition
46 7,681,889 Seal Device
47 7,681,816 Wood crusher
48 7,681,661 Electric power tool
49 7,681,560 Exhaust gas recirculation system
50 7,681,508 After-air nozzle for two-stage combustion boiler, and a two-stage combustion boiler, boiler and combustion method using the same
51 7,681,310 Method for fabricating double-sided wiring board
52 7,681,303 Method for manufacturing a magnetic head slider