Hitachi patents granted on 23 May 2006

50 US patents granted on 23 May 2006 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,051,260 Data storing method of dynamic RAM and semiconductor memory device
2 7,051,233 Method for backing up power supply of disk array device and system thereof
3 7,051,216 Disk array device and method of supplying power to disk array device
4 7,051,205 Sheet-shaped medium, method and apparatus for determination of genuineness or counterfeitness of the same, and apparatus for issuing certificate
5 7,051,167 Security for logical unit in storage subsystem
6 7,051,165 Method and apparatus for a data source device with shared storage for a plurality of clients
7 7,051,123 Data transfer engine of a processor having a plurality of modules
8 7,051,121 Method for controlling storage system, and storage control apparatus
9 7,051,025 Method and system for displaying multidimensional aggregate patterns in a database system
10 7,050,934 Method of weighted combination specs for enhanced manufacturing yield
11 7,050,893 Method of detection of actual operating time of machinery deployed at construction sites, data collection and management system, and base station
12 7,050,779 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
13 7,050,769 Electronic apparatus and design method
14 7,050,699 Recording/reproducing apparatus and reproducing apparatus
15 7,050,570 DTMF signal transmission method and communication apparatus
16 7,050,468 Multiplexed signal transmitter/receiver, communication system, and multiplexing transmission method
17 7,050,438 Cell creation method for control line signals of ATM Network and multiplexing equipment
18 7,050,299 Electronic equipment
19 7,050,277 Apparatus having a self-pinned abutted junction magnetic read sensor with hard bias layers formed over ends of a self-pinned layer and extending under a hard bias layer
20 7,050,255 System and apparatus for assembly level disk erase
21 7,050,253 Magnetic recording media and magnetic storage apparatus using the same
22 7,050,165 Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
23 7,050,164 Spectrophotometer
24 7,050,140 Liquid crystal display device with spacers formed on a planarizing film disposed over color filters
25 7,049,920 Open magnet device and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus comprising it
26 7,049,913 Superconductivity magnet apparatus
27 7,049,892 High frequency power amplifier circuit device
28 7,049,809 System, method, and apparatus for handling and testing individual sliders in a row-like format in single slider processing systems
29 7,049,755 Method for driving plasma display panel
30 7,049,711 Uninterruptible power system
31 7,049,665 Method of manufacturing a dual gate semiconductor device with a poly-metal electrode
32 7,049,613 Particle beam irradiation system and method of adjusting irradiation field forming apparatus
33 7,049,610 Charged particle beam exposure method, charged particle beam exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
34 7,049,607 Electron beam writing equipment and electron beam writing method
35 7,049,591 Scanning electron microscope
36 7,049,589 Pattern inspection method
37 7,049,587 Apparatus for inspecting a specimen
38 7,049,243 Surface processing method of a specimen and surface processing apparatus of the specimen
39 7,049,104 Genetic analysis method
40 7,049,036 Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using the same, method for producing resist pattern, resist pattern and substrate having the resist pattern laminated thereon
41 7,048,869 Plasma processing apparatus and a plasma processing method
42 7,048,666 Silent chain power transmitting apparatus
43 7,048,626 Air shower apparatus
44 7,048,515 Hydraulic drive system and method using a fuel injection control unit
45 7,048,494 Turbine fuel pump
46 7,048,493 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device which prevents foreign particles from being drawn into a semiconductor container containing semiconductor wafers
47 7,048,173 Wave soldering method using lead-free solder, apparatus therefor, and wave-soldered assembly
48 7,048,075 Power tool
49 7,047,939 Control circuit module, intake air passage body, engine electronic control device, and engine air intake system provided with the same
50 7,047,921 Variable-valve-actuation apparatus for internal combustion engine