Hitachi patents granted on 23 November 2010

72 US patents granted on 23 November 2010 and assigned to Hitachi

1 7,841,001 Authentication information management method for device embedded with microprocessor unit
2 7,840,920 Method of generating test program for operating semiconductor testing apparatus
3 7,840,840 DC backup power supply system, a disk array and a DC backup power supply
4 7,840,835 Method of achieving high reliability of network boot computer system
5 7,840,829 Power supply system
6 7,840,824 Multiple computer system equipped with a management module determining number of power supply modules to be operated based upon system information
7 7,840,820 Storage system and method of controlling of feeding power to storage system
8 7,840,804 Attribute certificate validation method and device
9 7,840,775 Storage system in which resources are dynamically allocated to logical partition, and logical division method for storage system
10 7,840,771 Method and a computer for storage area management
11 7,840,767 System managing a plurality of virtual volumes and a virtual volume management method for the system
12 7,840,766 Storage system and method of producing recovery volume
13 7,840,675 Multi node server system
14 7,840,654 Method and apparatus for processing web service with management information
15 7,840,517 Performance evaluating apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium
16 7,840,487 Digital content encryption and decryption method and workflow system using digital content
17 7,840,361 Method for calculating environmental load, program for calculating environmental load, and method for converting units
18 7,840,334 Engine control system
19 7,840,303 Coating weight control system
20 7,840,137 Optical line terminal and optical network unit capable of alarm transmission scheme for passive optical network system
21 7,840,108 Light branching optical waveguide
22 7,840,034 Method, system and program for authenticating a user by biometric information
23 7,839,857 Packet forwarding apparatus with function of limiting the number of user terminals to be connected to ISP
24 7,839,748 Information reproducing apparatus and method
25 7,839,738 Method and apparatus for determining writing power for recording data
26 7,839,728 Optical disc recording device
27 7,839,663 Converter and power converter that becomes it with the converter
28 7,839,653 Storage controller
29 7,839,640 Electronic device and a thermal connector used therein
30 7,839,607 Method to reduce corner shunting during fabrication of CPP read heads
31 7,839,606 Magnetic head having oxidized read sensor edges to reduce sensor current shunting
32 7,839,605 Electrical signal-processing device integrating a flux sensor with a flux generator in a magnetic circuit
33 7,839,596 Method and apparatus for controlling the effects of seek-induced vibration of a component part in a hard-disk drive
34 7,839,590 Method of servo writing for magnetic recording system, magnetic recording system
35 7,839,484 Exposure apparatus and exposure method, and method of manufacturing electrical wiring board
36 7,839,476 Display device
37 7,839,433 Imaging apparatus
38 7,839,373 Display device
39 7,839,306 Map display method
40 7,839,229 Voltage-controlled oscillator and communication device using the same
41 7,839,217 High-frequency amplifier, high-frequency module, and mobile wireless apparatus using the same
42 7,839,113 Apparatus and method for driving synchronous motor
43 7,839,040 Permanent-magnet generator rotor for gas turbine, manufacturing method therefor, and gas turbine
44 7,838,953 Magnetic memory cell and magnetic random access memory
45 7,838,884 Display device and fabrication method of display device
46 7,838,855 Charged particle irradiation system
47 7,838,840 Charged particle beam apparatus
48 7,838,834 Image forming method and electron microscope
49 7,838,829 Charged particle beam device
50 7,838,828 Semiconductor device inspection apparatus
51 7,838,827 Monochromator and scanning electron microscope using the same
52 7,838,792 Plasma processing apparatus capable of adjusting temperature of sample stand
53 7,838,631 Apparatus for measuring high density lipoproteins and method of separating high density lipoproteins
54 7,838,482 CMP polishing compound and polishing method
55 7,838,379 Non-volatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
56 7,838,242 Nucleic acid ligands capable of binding to internalin B or internalin A
57 7,838,239 Methods regarding enhanced T-cell receptor-mediated tumor necrosis factor superfamily mRNA expression in peripheral blood leukocytes in patients with crohn’s disease
58 7,838,226 Deoxyribonucleic acid measuring apparatus and method of measuring deoxyribonucleic acid
59 7,838,069 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor nanoparticle
60 7,837,908 Mold cleaning sheet and method of producing semiconductor devices using the same
61 7,837,893 Oxide-type, magnetic material and its production method, and sintered ferrite magnet and its production method
62 7,837,837 Magnetic head having high conductivity lead structures seeded by epitaxially matched seed layer and fabrication method therefor
63 7,837,807 Magnetic core for current transformer, current transformer, and watt-hour meter
64 7,837,800 CMP polishing slurry and polishing method
65 7,837,375 Planar illumination device and liquid crystal display device using the planar illumination device as a backlight
66 7,837,343 Illuminating device and display device
67 7,837,108 Sensor device management system and method
68 7,836,971 Power tool
69 7,836,758 Deterioration diagnosis system for an air-fuel ratio sensor
70 7,836,755 Solidification sensor
71 7,836,712 Air conditioning apparatus
72 7,836,583 Integrated circuit dismounter